Little Dixie fixes odor


Mayor Gene F. McGee said that the City of Ridgeland has received multiple inquiries regarding a gas-like odor generated from the area of Little Dixie landfill. McGee said that he is pleased with the actions taken by Republic Services, owner of Little Dixie landfill, to fix the problem. 

“I am thrilled with the swift response taken by Republic to fix the broken compressor causing the gas-like odor,” McGee said.

McGee said that Republic Services informed them that, during the recent holidays, the air compressor responsible for removing odors broke down. RS said that the broken air compressor was immediately fixed, but due to the breakdown, it took several days for gas flows to return to normal

During the time of the breakdown, Little Dixie was in the process of a compressor upgrade, which doubles the overall compressor horsepower, and a backup compressor has been added to provide assistance when needed. The compressor upgrade began in mid-December and is now complete.

In addition, Little Dixie underwent an expansion of air supply lines and liquid conveyance forcemains, and compromised gas headers were replaced. 

Furthermore, as a commitment to the facility, neighbors, and environmental responsibility, Rs said that they have taken advantage of increased manpower by a third-party contractor to provide dedicated onsite resources to improve the overall system performance, durability, and the ability to respond to after-hour challenges at Little Dixie.

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