Jackson teen arrested for Northpark shooting

Jackson teen arrested for Northpark shooting


RIDGELAND —  A Jackson teen has been arrested and charged as an adult in connection with a Northpark mall shooting over the weekend, the authorities said.

The shooting occurred after the teen allegedly shoplifted a water bottle form a popcorn store and pulled a gun on the owner, the authorities said.

The teen, Za’Lill D’Chelle Patterson, 16, of Jackson, has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault, shoplifting and possession of a stolen firearm.

Patterson is being held at the Madison County Detention Center.

Ridgeland Police Chief Brian Myers said Patterson is charged as an adult for her involvement in the shooting incident on Saturday, Sept. 17, which occurred at about 5:20 p.m.

Patrol Commander Eddy Addison said RPD responded to the scene on the upper level of Norhtpark. Patterson allegedly shoplifted a water bottle from Corni’val Popcorn next to the Kids Footlocker.

Addison said the owner of the store snatched the water bottle out of Patterson’s hand and the two had a verbal interaction before the owner returned to the store.

After about five minutes, Addison said, Patterson went back into the store and pulled a gun on the owner.

The owner pulled a firearm of his own and “defended himself,” Addison said.

Patterson was injured in the incident and was transported by ambulance to a hospital before being booked on the charges. She was shot in the calf muscle of one of her legs, officials said.

“We are so fortunate that no one else was injured in this incident,” Myers said.

Addison said Patterson revealed the gun she used was stolen during an interview though they have not determined where the gun was stolen from or when.

“Parents need to know what their kids are doing,” Addison said. “There is no reason for a 16 year old to be walking around the mall with a stolen gun.”

The other party in the incident, the store owner, has been interviewed and has fully cooperated with the investigation, police said.

The incident will be presented to a Madison County grand jury, Myers said.

Madison Police and the Madison County Sheriff’s Department assisted in the response to the incident.

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