How to report potholes, debris in G’stadt

How to report potholes, debris in G’stadt


GLUCKSTADT – The way to report potholes and submit requests for debris and limb pickup has been clarified by the city.

City Clerk Lindsay Kellum updated city residents on May 17 in a Facebook post.

Kellum said there seems to be a lot of confusion on how to schedule debris and limb pickup at residences.

The most efficient way to request pick up or report a pothole is for homeowners to send an email to Gluckstadt Executive Assistant Janet Brooks at and copy Lindsay Kellum detailing their name, telephone number and address for pick up or the pothole issue.

Gluckstadt does not have a Public Works or Road Department yet and and City Hall is currently only staffed with four people, Police Chief Wendall Watts, Assistant Police Chief Barry Hale, a building official, and Kellum, she noted.

The city does not anticipate having Public Works and Road departments for at least a year. 

The city is still reliant on the county to assist with pickup requests and currently has an MOU in place with the county, she said.

“We appreciate the citizens’ patience and understanding as we try to get the city administration up and running properly on its feet,” Kellum said.

Madison County has requested that all requests for limb and debris pick up for Glucktadt residents only can be fielded through the city to the County. 

If a Gluckstadt citizen calls the county directly to request pick up, they will be rerouted back to the city to place the request, she said. 

Once a request is received by the city, the request will be immediately forwarded to the county for creation of a work order, and once the request is with the county, the city cannot give a set time frame of when the request will be completed, she said.

These requests should only be made for excess or large debris that cannot be picked up during regular garbage collection days.

If limbs are cut to a manageable size and bundled appropriately, the limbs can be picked up with regular garbage, she said.

Kellum advised residents to find reminders from Madison County regarding garbage collection and requirements from Waste Management. 

The following items are acceptable for household garbage collection:

• Bags and containers 

• All garbage shall be placed at the curb or end of your driveway no later than 7 a.m. on garbage day.

• Cans should be within five feet of the curb or end of the driveway. 

• All garbage should be bagged and placed in a plastic or light metal garbage receptacle, and bags should be standard bags designed for garbage. Filled bags shall not exceed 60lbs.  

• Bulk Waste, which includes stoves, refrigerators, hot water tanks, washing machines, and dryers. All appliances with a compressor must be properly tagged for Freon removal by a licensed appliance contractor. 

Bulky items require scheduling with Waste Management, Inc. Customers can call 1-800-284-2451 to provide the Customer Service Representative information as to what needs to be collected.

• For bulky trash or larger amounts, please contact Waste Management, Inc. for either rental of a dumpster or purchase of a Bagster Bag at 1-800-284-2451.

Kellum added that non-acceptable items for household garbage collection include construction debris, yard waste, limbs over five feet or over four inches in diameter, unbagged leaves, grass clippings, dead animals over 10lbs, hazardous waste, motor oil, batteries, gasoline, paint, chemicals, large automobile parts, equipment parts, scrap metal, furnishings, and medical waste.

The Madison County Road Department has trucks available to collect limbs that are too large for Waste Management, Inc. to collect. 

Any trees or landscaping removed by a contractor will be disposed of by the contractor.

If any residents want to report a pothole, notify Janet Brooks at about any road hazards within Gluckstadt municipal lines and provide your name, phone number, and a description and location of the pothole. 

The report will be forwarded to the county Road Department for repair and maintenance. 

For any additional questions contact Gluckstadt City Hall at (769) 567-2306.

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