Gulf Seafood Outlet fills void in market with Ridgeland shop


Greg Adams and Ed Cheshire get seafood several times a week, fresh out of the water and driven north soon after for sale.

Adams said the idea came to him when he spent a weekend driving around looking for quality seafood.

"I realized it took me something like eight hours, including visits to major chains like Whole Food and Fresh Market to find what I was looking for or really anything other than catfish," Adams said. "The choice was just pitiful."

Adams said he knew who to call, his long-time friend Ed Cheshire.
"I saw a need in the market that we could probably fill," Adams said.

He and Ed have been friends since the seventh grade. They both grew up in Jackson. The duo originally had another location in Jackson but moved to Ridgeland at their Highway 51 location because they thought it might be a better location.

Adams's background is working on trains on the Canadian National Railroad but even after retiring he finds it hard to keep himself busy.

They source their Seafood from fisheries across the Gulf Coast.

"We try to find products no one carries," Adams said.

He gave examples of an addictive seafood dip he carries, royal red shrimp, variety fish often sold in filets or steaks and a horseradish sauce from Louisiana that he says you cannot find anywhere locally.

Adams does not disparage his competition from the big grocery stores to the smaller or specialized offering. He says they are in different businesses.

"They are in the grocery business, not the seafood business," Adams said.

Gulf Seafood Outlet also handles special orders.

"If you want something fresh you can't come in here and get it but if you give me a few days I can get most anything in here and let you know and keep it cold for you," Adams said.

They have been open for almost two months. They share a space with a local beef stockyard that sells steaks and ribs. Surf and Turf.

"Thats the idea," Adams said.

They also run regular sales and deals.

Gulf Seafood Outlet is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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