GUEST OPINION/Madison Central is the best public school in Mississippi

GUEST OPINION/Madison Central is the best public school in Mississippi


Madison Central High School is the best public high school in the state of Mississippi. Need proof? Here of some of our recent accomplishments: in the 2021 calendar year, we had two All-Americans, two Academic All-Americans, a Baseball National Coach of the Year, a Swimming National Coach of the Year, one of six students in the world to make a perfect score on the AP Psychology exam, 139 students scored a 30 or above on the ACT, six Speech and Debate All-Americans, a Speech and Debate Coach of the Year, a State Championship winning Speech and Debate team, a Mathematics Team State Championship, and the highest ACT scores in the state. 

We were baseball national champions, won seven state championships in 2021, had eight All State Honor Choir winners, had a baseball Gatorade player of the year, won All Superior band for the 30th consecutive year, had 21 National Merit Finalists, won Mississippi’s Student Press Associations yearbook of the year, and won Project Lead the Way’s Distinguished School for Engineering. 

COVID-19 did its best to bring Madison Central down, but the school pushed through and thrived, proving that MCHS is the best place for students with any and all interests and talents to thrive and reach their highest potential. 

As a junior at Madison Central, I couldn’t imagine going to high school anywhere else. Madison Central truly is the best place to spend so much of my time. It is a place where I feel supported no matter what I am doing. Everyone here truly wants me to succeed. I have grown to understand what true school spirit is over the past year. There is no feeling like watching your high school win a state championship or listening to your friend’s name be called for winning a spt in the All-State Choir or becoming a National Merit Finalist. I am so proud of my school and everything we have and can accomplish.

Madison Central is a school in which there truly is a place for everyone. If you drive through the campus at any given time, there are multiple groups of students working on projects or practicing sports. It is not a place where students come for four classes a day and leave. The school is a safe place for its students, and many of them spend more time at the school than at home. 

Devin Cooper runs the Academy of Multimedia and Communications at Madison Central. He said, “I am constantly at the school on the weekends or late in the afternoons working with students on their films, and what I have come to notice is that I am not the only teacher that is still here. There are countless teams, groups, or clubs that are at the school working or practicing.”

Whether you are interested in sports, art, speech and debate, theater, choir, journalism, film making, engineering, mathematics, band or almost anything else, Madison Central is the place to be.

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