Gluckstadt’s first Junior Miss recognized

Gluckstadt’s first Junior Miss recognized


Gluckstadt’s Junior Miss Isabelle Joiner’s commitment to the city earned her special recognition from Alderman Lisa Williams Tuesday night.

Williams kicked off the meeting by recognizing Joiner and thanked her for her support and promotion of local businesses. Joiner gave the board their certificate of excellence as part of her “crowning tour” of the city. 

“Miss Joiner is a 12-year-old student at Germantown Middle School and is our first Junior Miss Gluckstadt,” Williams said. “She earned this honor in the first pageant event she has ever participated in, along with her Little Sister Juliet.”

Williams said Joiner and her Little Sister’s goal is promoting small businesses around Gluckstadt and “crowning” them to recognize the city’s accomplishments by presenting them with a certificate of excellence. 

Joiner provided the board with their own certificate of excellence to cap off her crowning tour. 

Williams added that Joiner is a member of the Germantown Middle School band and color guard, team leader and cheerleader at Jam Athletics, communicant at St. Joseph Catholic Church, and working on a cosmetic line called “Kiwi Cosmetics.”

She said Joiner’s mother informed her of Joiner’s wonderful spirit of charity, and she has promoted prayer for many inmates and the homeless.

Joiner said it was a true honor to get special recognition from the Gluckstadt Board.

“I cannot say how much I appreciate all they do for our beautiful new city,” Joiner said. “This was a special moment for me that I will always cherish. I of course had to make sure to award them for all the dedication and hard work they do for us all, and the roses given to Juliette and I are gorgeous. Thank you so much for having me.”

Joiner’s future dream for the city is for it to continue to grow and eventually get an amphitheater to promote theatre, music, and the arts.

To stay up to date on Joiner’s journey around Gluckstadt, follow “A crowned tour of the City of Gluckstadt” on Facebook and Instagram.  

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