Gluckstadt traffic solutions presented

Gluckstadt traffic solutions presented


An updated comprehensive traffic study shows three particular intersections in the Gluckstadt area where traffic volumes exceed capacity during peak commuting hours.

The study presented to the Board of Supervisors on Monday provides an overview of key roadways in southern Madison County with both short-term and long-term options to provide relief.

Supervisors have asked engineers to attach a cost estimate so they can prioritize needs.

The report, conducted by Neel-Schaffer and Kiser Traffic and Engineering, was essentially an update to a transportation study commissioned by the county in 2016, Stan Wright, an engineer with Neel-Schaffer, told the supervisors.

“Madison County has experienced significant growth as urban sprawl has increased the demand for residential development,” the study concludes. “The corresponding retail growth and school enrollment increased have been equally significant. The growth within the county has put a major strain on the existing roadways and intersections and has resulted in traffic congestion on many of the major routes.”

The study revealed the three particular intersections where traffic volumes exceed capacity during the morning and evening peak hours:

• Gluckstadt Road westbound from I-55 to Bozeman/Catlett Road.  

• Yandell Road from U.S. 51 to Clarkdell Road Extension.

• Stribling Road Extension/Church Road between Catlett Road and Calhoun Station Parkway. 

Jonathan Kiser with Kiser Traffic and Engineering, said the overall study resulted in both short-term and long-term options that range from adding center lanes to dedicated right-hand turn lanes. 

“We looked at several different intersections,” he explained. 

Yandell Road, a two-lane roadway, currently moves 1,614 vehicles westbound in the two-hour morning rush period with drivers headed to Madison Crossing Elementary School or towards I-55 via U.S. 51 and Weisenberger Road. 

The long-term option, according to the study, would be to widen Yandell Road to a five-lanes but three bypass options were included as well. Those options were:

• Extending Clarkdell Road north to intersect U.S. 51 could alleviate some of the westbound traffic.

• Extend Church Road east to Smith Carr Road.

• Extend west Sowell Road east to Smith Carr Road and Cotton Blossom Road. 

A short-term option as well would be to extend the westbound right turn lane on Yandell Road west to the Gluckstadt Fire Department driveway. 

Kiser said extending west Sowell Road would be the “most effective route.”

Kiser said adding a left turn lane at Madison Crossing Elementary School would help during peak traffic so thru traffic isn’t backed up. 

In Madison the city, traffic has caused delays for residents of the Fairfield subdivision who become trapped as traffic to Madison Middle School routinely blocks the roadway. 

“The Fairfield subdivision has delays associated with turning left from the subdivision onto MS Hwy 463,” the study stays. The adjacent middle school traffic routinely has traffic extend east and block the access. Signal warrants are not met at this intersection, however, extending the northbound turn lane on MS Hwy 463 from the current end to Fairfield Drive would reduce the potential for left turning traffic to block the Fairfield entrance. Additionally, the extension of the turn lane would allow Fairfield traffic the opportunity to turn left across MS Hwy 463 while only needing a gap in the mainline traffic from one direction at a time.”

Other improvements listed in the study include the need for:

• A northbound turn lane on Mississippi 463 at the intersection of Robinson Springs Road.

• Construction of a left turn lane on 463 at the entrance into Reunion.

• Construction of a left turn lane on Gluckstadt Road west of Catlett Road/Bozeman Road.

• Widening the Gluckstadt Road/Calhoun Station Parkway intersection.

• New striping for Gluckstadt Road/Weisenberger Road.

• Adding a center turn lane at Gluckstadt Road/Dewees Road at the new Providence subdivision. 

Of the major arterial roadways, the study suggests to:

• Widen Mississippi 463 from Park Place Boulevard to Annandale/Reunion Parkway from two-lane to four-lane.

• Widening of Gluckstadt Road from Bozeman Road to Calhoun Station Parkway from three-lane to four-lane. 

In total, supervisors were presented with 19 short-term projects to alleviate traffic on a number of roadways and intersections, as well as 13 long-term projects. 

District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter asked Wright and Kiser to put together cost estimates for the associated projects for review. 

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen said the board would then decide which projects to undertake. 

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