Gluckstadt police chief resigning next week

Gluckstadt police chief resigning next week


GLUCKSTADT — Police Chief Wendell Watts has resigned effective Oct. 9.

Assistant Chief Barry Hale has been named as his replacement at a salary of $80,000 a year including benefits.

Watts was named Gluckstadt’s first Chief of Police in February 2022 and has helped build the department from the ground up.

He was instrumental in designing Gluckstadt’s first police station and drawing the shoulder patch for the police uniforms. 

GPD has 12 full-time officers, six part-time officers, and about five reserve officers. 

Watts said although his final day is Oct. 9, he is unable to share where he will go next. 

Aldermen voted on the matter during an executive session on Oct. 3. 

“I brought him on for the sole reason to follow me and take over after I left,” Watts said of Hale. “The department is in a great position for him to continue going in the direction we are going or to go in another direction.”

City Clerk Lindsay Kellum confirmed the new assistant chief is Jeremy Slaven with a salary of $65,000 a year including benefits. 

Two new part-time officers, Angela Harper and Jessie Smith, also joined the force and were approved by the board. 

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