Gluckstadt one step closer to having a logo

Gluckstadt one step closer to having a logo


GLUCKSTADT — The city could soon have an official logo after the selection committee announced its top three choices during Tuesday night’s Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting.

It is now up to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to select what could be the city’s new logo. Mayor Walter Morrison said the board would consider a vote on a new logo at the next meeting.

The first-place logo selected by the committee from 26 total submissions was created by Steven Gee of Ashbrooke. Gee also garnered second place for another submission. Third place went to Colleen Wise of Gluckstadt.

Near the end of Tuesday’s meeting, Morrison said they would reveal the winners.

“I wanted to end on a festive note tonight,” Morrison said. “The logo committee has done a lot, and they’ve been hard at work. I appreciate this, and I am so impressed with the artistic ability of the people who submitted logos.”

Before the winners were announced, Alderman Lisa Williams gave the board a recap of the contest that began several weeks ago.

“Our criteria on the contest read the top three designs will be presented to the mayor and board in a future public meeting to determine the winner,” Williams said. “The final designs will be available for viewing during that meeting.”

Melissa Love, a resident of Gluckstadt and spokesperson for the logo committee, thanked the mayor and board for letting her serve along with the other members of the committee.

“We had some great submissions, and it was not easy to choose the winners,” Love said before revealing the top three winners. Love then read a mission statement that came along with the first-place logo winner.

“This design leans into Gluckstadt’s origins with a German-style font with a wreath to represent the city’s history,” Love said. “The wreath represents a four-leaf clover since the name ‘Gluckstadt’ translates to ‘lucky city’ from German.”

Gee was not present during the announcement, but Wise was present, and the board recognized her third-place victory.

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