Gluckstadt logo, seal selected

Gluckstadt logo, seal selected


GLUCKSTADT — City officials adopted a logo and seal for the city based on 25 designs submitted by Gluckstadt citizens.

“The City seal and logo are wonderful examples of the talent possessed by the citizens of Gluckstadt. I hope that they will be a point of pride for everyone in the City and used for many years to come,” said Mayor Walter Morrison.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen approved the final images recommended by the City’s Logo Committee at their public board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 15.

Morrison said that the logo is based on two designs submitted by Steven Gee and the seal is based on a design submitted by Colleen Wise. Wise and Gee both live in Gluckstadt.

“Both individuals put forth substantial effort in creating designs which were demonstrative of the City’s rich history and German heritage while paying tribute to the City’s present progress and hopes for a bright future,” Morrison said.

The contest started in October of 2021. Citizens were invited to submit artwork consideration by the City’s logo committee, Alderwoman Lisa Williams said. The committee was appointed by the Board of Alderman. Members of the logo committee included Melissa Love, Deborah Ellis, Kathy Sue Wells, Renada Davis, Renee Lambert, and Kerry Minninger.

“The support and encouragement we have received through this process has been a wonderful blessing,” Williams said. “Many thanks to each person who sent in their entries for consideration. A special thank you to the committee members who volunteered their time, talent, artistic and graphic design knowledge during the recent months to bring us the final version adopted by the board.”

Williams said that the committee whittled down 25 submissions to a top three. Gee had the top two submissions and Wise had the third-rated submission and worked to create several variations of the entries for final presentation to the Board.

“The City would like to extend its sincerest appreciation to all citizens who participated in the contest and to all members of the logo committee who worked tirelessly on
this project,” Morrison said. “We hope our citizens are proud of the final product and share the same excitement, as the City continues to make progress.”

Williams said that a logo contest was the “furthest thing from our minds” in June 2021 when the city was started. She said she was asked about what the city was going to do for a logo for their letterhead and future website.

“My reply was I needed to think about it a bit,” she said.

She presented the idea to the board at a later meeting and they developed criteria and rules. Local businesses even donated $700 total in prizes.

“The outcome of this contest has provided the first impression of our new city,” Williams said. “The final logo design recommended by the committee is the product that not only represents the history of Gluckstadt but is illustrative of our community growth and prosperity. This is a first for all of us.”

The City logo and seal will be utilized in all branding aspects related to the City of Gluckstadt, i.e., marketing and advertising, promotional materials, signage, stationary, printing and city vehicles.

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