Gluckstadt fitness center rebrands with new services

Gluckstadt fitness center rebrands with new services


GLUCKSTADT -- Meagan Wells and Justin Brumfield have rebranded their local gym to be more than a place to get in a workout. 

Wells, CEO and co-founder of Starke Fitness and Wellness — previously known as just Starke Fitness — and Brumfield, vice president of marketing and co-founder, want this rebranded facility to not only offer workout options and various training regimens, but also medical treatment and chiropractic appointments.

“While we want Starke to be a place to work out, we’re also shooting to help people and give them multiple options if they’re in pain or about to go into surgery,” Brumfield said. “A lot of people don’t go to chiropractors for many reasons. To make people more comfortable, we’re offering muscle relief services, hands-on techniques, and relief for their issues without getting bones popped.”

Brumfield said he wants Starke Fitness and Wellness to give people at home things to do and in-house relief that not many chiropractors offer.

“We’re all about patient care, and it’s not just about making a buck,” Brumfield said. “We want people to get something out of coming to Starke Fitness and Wellness, where it isn’t just another weekly appointment.”

Brumfield said he hopes to have more healthcare workers join Starke down the road.

“Even though we have these medical treatments and chiropractic options, we’re still going on a gym platform and want to make sure people know how to take care of their bodies,” Brumfield said. “I met Meagan Wells through a group of like-minded healthcare professionals. They are surgeons, and most of them refer their patients to me.”

Meagan Wells said she collaborated with Brumfield independently in the medical community for several years and decided to have a practice together after agreeing on treatment measures for their patients.

“We weren’t sure what to do at first,” Wells said. “However, when I got married last year, my husband Rick Wells, a personal trainer, was having a lot of success in training clients where he used to work. Through a series of events, we found out that Starke Fitness was available to buy from Lee Sahler, the previous owner. Our two other partners Charlie Stoggin and Keith Fitzgerald assisted us. Keith helped purchase the building, and he’s a gym member. He also has an athletic background playing baseball in college.”

Wells and Brumfield bought Starke Fitness and changed the name to “Starke Fitness and Wellness” on Dec. 29, 2021. They are both still in the process of changing the logo on the building.

“Starke Fitness originally didn’t have chiropractic services, medical aid, or the luxury of seeking recovery options for fatigue, soreness, muscle pain, and more,” Wells said. “We have personal, affordable training options, and with each new membership, we offer a free consultation with Rick Wells and Justin. We know starting something like this is intimidating, so we want to make sure people are comfortable here. With our training, Rick gives them a nutrition plan tailored to their needs. Corporate memberships are available at a discounted rate, and we want to offer that to small businesses in the community.”

Wells noted that typical treatment is twice a week for four weeks, and at that point, people will be able to maintain that regimen at home or in the gym.

For more information about Starke Fitness and Wellness and its medical treatment options, call the gym at 601-856-9111 or go to

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