Gluckstadt donut shop will rotate its menu

Gluckstadt donut shop will rotate its menu


Dale Stone of Gluckstadt said he wants his donut shop to be unique and sell more than just your standard glazed donut.

Stone, the owner of Epic Donuts and Stone Ground Coffee House, which are both set to open in the new Gluckstadt Park in mid-March, wants his menu to be based on suggestions from the community.

“This project is around half a million dollars so far,” Stone said. “We will have your regular donuts like glazed, cake and maple bars baked fresh daily, but we will also have specific craft donuts. We want to take public suggestions into account and have donuts such as cinnamon toast crunch, Oreo, Fruit Loops, and other crazy flavors. We can’t put all those on the menu at once, but we try to cater to everyone. That’s why we plan to have a rotating menu so we can keep it fresh and unique.”

Stone chose Gluckstadt to open Epic Donuts and Stone Ground Coffee House because he said it is a growing community and a desirable place to be.

“Gluckstadt does not have a lot of businesses yet, and we can add to it to bring more business to the community this way,” Stone said.

Epic Donuts and Stone Ground Coffee (both of which share the same building) are part of Phase 1 of Gluckstadt Park. Businesses eventually joining the Phase 1 lineup are Filo’s Mediterranean, Pot and Paddle Jambalaya Kitchen, Sugar Daze Dessert Shop, and Sophie’s Ice Cream Parlor. Stone’s son-in-law, Anthony Morrison, owns Gluckstadt Park and is overseeing the construction of the businesses.

Stone said Epic Donuts hours will be a bit different. He said most donut shops he has visited close their doors around 10 a.m., but he plans to keep Epic Donuts open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

“I want this place to be different and not just your standard donut shop,” Stone said. “From outside the store, Epic Donuts and Stone Ground Coffee House look like two different businesses. However, when you walk inside, they are the same building. You will walk in, come to the counter and see the donuts. Then you can order your coffee at the same time.”

Stone moved from Seattle, Washington, to Gluckstadt with his family in October 2021, and he said it was quite a culture shock. However, the culture change is what inspired him.

“This is our way of showing we can own ourselves and show everyone in the community that anyone can start a business and be successful,” Stone said. “We want this business to be an experience. It’s a location and destination, no matter if customers go in the store or the drive-thru. We’re also striving to make Epic Donuts a fun place for employees to work.”

To suggest donut flavors and provide opinions on the donuts and coffee, visit the Epic Donuts and Stone Ground Coffee House Facebook and Instagram pages. The store will provide free Wi-Fi, a meeting room, and seats around 30 people. You can find the shop at Gluckstadt Park, located on Dees Drive on the southwest corner of I-55 and Gluckstadt Road.

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