Gluckstadt board holding comprehensive plan hearing

Gluckstadt board holding comprehensive plan hearing


GLUCKSTADT — The city will take public comments and gather input on a proposed comprehensive plan, a zoning ordinance and a zoning map at a Nov. 2 hearing.

The hearing is set for 6 p.m. in the Cafetorium of the Germantown High School at 409 Calhoun Station Parkway.

The zoning ordinance was recently recommended to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen for adoption by the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

“The current ordinance that we will be considering is the current Madison County zoning ordinance, i.e., a policy with a few modifications,” said Lisa Williams, mayor pro temp of Gluckstadt. “They are not real drastic modifications. They are just some of the first recommendations that came from the new Gluckstadt Planning and Zoning Commission members.”

Williams said the city’s comprehensive plan also is Madison County’s comprehensive plan with a few minor changes.

“That is to get us started and get us so we can establish and start our department and continue on with that effort as far as the service of the city,” Williams said of the plan.

The documents, including the more than 100-page zoning ordinance, map and comprehensive plan, are available for review at Gluckstadt City Hall 343 Distribution Drive, Gluckstadt. Williams recommends calling Gluckstadt City Clerk Lindsay Kellum ahead of time at 601-957-2600 to make an appointment.

“Of course the new clerk can set up an appointment or someone could walk in and request to see it,” Williams said, adding the city does not yet have the ability to make multiple copies. “We are just setting up the office equipment and office supplies. I’m sure she would be very accommodating if someone wanted a copy. They just may have to come back and pick it up.”

Williams said the board is hopeful to be able to adopt the comprehensive plan, the zoning ordinance and zoning map quickly after the public hearing barring any major concerns brought up in the public hearing.

“A public hearing has to be held to get the citizens’ input and then we would move forward on adoption that evening, possibly,” Williams said. “I guess that is the goal of the complete board. I don’t know. The process then would create an ordinance and a policy that does not go into effect for 30 more days.”

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