Gluckstadt appoints members to P&Z board

Gluckstadt appoints members to P&Z board


GLUCKSTADT — Mississippi’s newest city now has a Planning and Zoning Commission.

Aldermen each nominated a resident to serve and Mayor Walter Morrison appointed two members to represent the business community.

Alderman Lisa Williams said all of the Planning and Zoning Commission members appointed by aldermen are all residents of Gluckstadt and two members nominated by Gluckstadt Mayor Walter Morrison are not. 

“Officials nominated by the mayor are business owners and are not required to be Gluckstadt residents,” Williams said. 

Members of Gluckstadt’s Planning and Zoning Commission who were all unanimously approved:

• Sam McGaugh, nominated by Alderman Wesley Slay;

• Lee Drake, by Alderman John Taylor; 

• David Boackle, nominated by Alderman Jayce Powell;

• Katrina Myrick, nominated by Alderman Miya Warfield-Bates;

• Tim Slattery, nominated by Alderman Lisa Williams;

• Melanie Greer, nominated by Morrison, owns Exit Realty Legacy Group located at 1078 Gluckstadt Road; and

• Andrew Duggar, nominated by Morrison, owns TherapySouth Gluckstadt on Highway 51. 

Williams said a public notice will be provided before the Planning and Zoning Commission’s first meeting and the commission will operate under the state’s open meetings act.

The ordinance establishing Gluckstadt’s Planning and Zoning Commission adopted by the mayor and board states the following:

• Each member of the commission will serve for four years in conjunction with the term of office of the Mayor and Board of Alderman. 

• Any member of the commission may be removed from office at any time with or without cause by the Mayor and Board of Alderman. 

• Any member who misses more than three consecutive meetings of the commission may be removed by the mayor and board if no good cause is shown to the mayor and board excusing their absences. A successor to the removed member shall be appointed as soon as possible after. 

• Commission members shall annually elect one of its members as chairperson. The chairperson shall preside over all meetings and shall not vote, except in the case of a tie. 

• The Commission shall schedule a monthly meeting, with the time and place for the regular meeting to be set by resolution of the commission. 

• Special meetings may be called on 24-hour notice to all members of the commission by either the chairperson or any two commission members. 

• The commission shall act as an advisory board to the Mayor and Board of Alderman and shall have all the powers and duties set out by state statute, and by ordinance which may hereinafter be adopted by the Board of Alderman, including but not limited to Gluckstadt’s Zoning Ordinance.  

The next Gluckstadt Mayor and Board of Alderman meeting will be at  Aug. 3 in the Germantown High School Cafetorium. 

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