Gluckstadt aldermen launch new Mayor’s Youth Council

Gluckstadt aldermen launch new Mayor’s Youth Council


GLUCKSTADT — Germantown sophomore Julia Lever proposed the first Mayor’s Youth Council here on Tuesday night.

Lever pitched the idea of a Mayor’s Youth Council to the mayor and board in a detailed presentation successfully with ideas of a budget, who benefits from the council, and why the council should exist in the city.

“Mayor’s Youth Councils are not new,” Lever said. “In fact, 400 different cities around the country have these councils, including cities in Mississippi such as Madison, Brandon, Crystal Springs, and Hattiesburg.”

Lever said a Mayor’s Youth Council, by definition, is a group of civic-minded young people working alongside community leaders to address and promote issues concerning the youth of the area.

She said members of the council would meet regularly with the mayor and board, and learn how local government works, and what is involved in the process of growing a young city.

“Youth council members would also have an active role in voicing the concerns and needs of our age demographic,” Lever said. “We would look for opportunities to serve our community and grow as leaders.”

Lever added the council would host community-wide events and raise money for charities, along with serving as ambassadors for the area.

“People would have an opportunity to understand and appreciate the youth of our community,” Lever said. “The program would go on to create an affiliation between today’s adolescents and tomorrow’s leaders.”

“If we can hit the ground running, I see us making great strides even in our first year, and have events like ‘Gluckstadt City Day,’ where multiple leaders meet with the youth of the area and discuss with them about what the mayor’s office does,” she said. “We could even establish a Mayor’s Youth Council $1,500 scholarship to one deserving graduating student.”

Lever said the Mayor’s Youth Council would be open to ninth through 12th graders all throughout the city of Gluckstadt, and would consist of 25 to 30 students, ranging from public school, private school, and homeschooled students.

Mayor Walter Morrison said the Mayor’s Youth Council is a great idea and asked the board to vote on approving and recognizing the council for the city. 

The board voted unanimously on the creation and Lever is set to meet with Morrison within the next couple of weeks to discuss projects and finances to present to officials during their next meeting.

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