Gluckstadt aldermen approve police equipment

Gluckstadt aldermen approve police equipment


The Gluckstadt Police Department continues to shape up with the hiring of Barry Hale as assistant chief and the new equipment such as vehicles, radios, uniforms and cameras.

Mayor Walter Morrison swore in Hale during the board’s May 10 meeting after a unanimous decision to hire him.

Alderman Jayce Powell made a motion and Wesley Slay seconded the motion.

“I wanted to thank the board and mayor for giving me this opportunity,” Hale said. “I look forward to working with the chief and citizens of Gluckstadt. It’s going to fun, a good ride, and we’re going to make it work.”

Hale is Chief Wendell Watts’ first hire for the Gluckstadt Police Department since taking office on March 8.

Following Hale’s oath of office, Chief Watts updated the board on general draft orders for the department and the employee handbook. He also presented the board with various items to approve for the department.

Alderman unanimously approved the following:  

• Request for payment for membership dues for the Association of Chiefs of Police, cost is $100.

• Request for approval for 20 hours of conference training of Wendell Watts and Barry Hale at a cost of $700.

• MOU with the Mississippi Wireless Commission for police channels.

• Request for approval of purchasing fuel through the state.

• Request to purchase officer equipment from Midsouth to fit one officer from head to toe at a cost of $1,814 for each officer.

• Request to purchase 10 Tasers, Model 07, under a five-year purchase contract for $7,200.02 a year.

• Request to purchase body cameras from Metrix, which will be built into the police uniforms, under a five-year contract, first payment is $23,600, and then $9,900 annually for the next four years to cover 10 body cameras.

• Request to approve the purchase of the Glock 9 mm handgun, Model 45, for officers. Cost is $428.50 each, for a total of $3,428 for eight pistols.

• Request to approve the order of booking and fingerprint machines at a  cost of $13,838.

• Request to purchase virtual police academy training, an online program that offers training to officers. Officers are required to have 24 hours of ongoing training yearly. The cost is $350 a year.

• Request to use of Dr. Juan Uribe at Clinical Associates to give psychological examinations to all new hires. The cost is $475 for each candidate evaluated.

• Request to purchase license plate reader cameras. Cost is $15,000 a year for five cameras, $2,500 each.

• Request for two more polygraph examiners, the cost is $260 for each exam.  

• Request to purchase five Dodge Durango vehicles for $177,000 cash.

• Request to purchase equipment to outfit patrol cars, cost is $4,870 per vehicle.

• Request to purchase five radar units from Dana Safety Supply. Cost is $1,499 for each unit.

• Request to approve a letter to Madison County (E-911 Madison County Emergency Management funds) to buy 10 handheld radios. 

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