In this verse we see that God allows Satan to test Job. Job was unaware of the conversation between the Lord and Satan; unaware that the devil is on his way. It is a terrible thing to be under the assault of the devil. He is like the worst criminal waiting in a dark alley to attack his victim.

He can also be very subtle. He comes as an angel of light to tempt the Christian. He knows when he has an advantage. He tempted Eve when she had full view of the forbidden tree. The temptation is much stronger when the object of the temptation is near.

The knowledge of the devil's malice should drive us to take refuge in God. The presence of Satan in this world is used by the Lord to bring his people to a closer acquaintance with him and dependence upon him. We learn more and more of his unlimited resources when we become aware of our need. When you have a sense of the evil of sin along with your weakness and frailty you look to him alone who can save.

Becoming aware of the danger and power of our adversary will lead us to take refuge in the power of God and place a new value upon the attribute of God being all-powerful. The temptations of Satan can drive us out of all self-dependence and compel us to find refuge in an Almighty Savior.

William Green wrote this about the Christian under temptation of the devil: "The almighty power of God is then no longer an abstraction to us-an intellectual conviction- but a present practical necessity; not a perfection which we distantly contemplate, but one by which we live and without which we perish."

The apostle Paul emphatically directs the Christian to "Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil (Ephesians 6:11)." It is not a time to rest easy in this world, but a time of conflict. The Christian cannot walk around defenseless. We are to be good soldiers of Christ in resisting the devil.

The great encouragement for the Christian is that Christ is their King. This calls for loyal and faithful service to Christ, who has saved you from Satan's bondage. He has broken Satan's power over you, delivered you from the kingdom of darkness, and is able to defend you against the wrath of the devil. He has delivered you that you might serve him in holiness all your days.

William Gurnall, who wrote the Christian classic, "The Christian in Complete Armour," said: "This makes life worth living, to serve God as proof of our gratitude for his redeeming love. O Christian, since he has rescued you from the power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of his beloved Son, lose no time; what you desire to do for God, do it quickly! Think what service you can render."

Romans 16:20 reads, "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet." The Lord Jesus has destroyed Satan's ruling power over Christians. He may trouble us, but he cannot claim us as his own. The Son has made us free, and we are free indeed. We may be assaulted by the devil in this world, but his doom is sure. The word of God assures us of this.

The promise of God is the greatest consolation to the Christian in discouragement. We can wait on the Lord because he has given us his word. David Clarkson wrote: "The root of all certainty is God's will. If he is willing to promise, he is willing to perform. They are the same to him. Believers have an unquestionable title to all things promised. They are bequeathed to believers by the eternal will of the Father and purchased by the precious blood of Christ."

Satan never vanquished a soul armed with true grace. Make sure of Christ in your life. He is the one thing necessary. The devil has nothing in him. Satan is a real enemy. Behind all his temptations is the offer to take it in exchange for dishonoring Christ. He would have you trade your soul and everlasting hope to please sinful desires. We must keep our eyes upon Christ, be watchful and pray.

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