Full Moon Barbecue coming to town


MADISON — A new barbecue restaurant is coming to town following approval by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen Tuesday night.

Full Moon Barbecue, an Alabama-based chain, selected Madison for the site of its first out-of-state restaurant.

“Full Moon Barbecue is an Alabama restaurant with around 16 locations or so. They decided to venture outside of Alabama, and they chose Madison,” Alan Hoops, Director of Environment and Design, said. “Everybody that I’ve talked to that’s been there has good things to say about it — great food, and they’ve bragged about their desserts.”

Hoops said this restaurant will be sort of like a Chick-Fil-A, from its seating to its drive-thru. 

The company behind the design and construction of the restaurant is RLS Design Group, a team of architects from Birmingham, Ala., Hopps said. 

“They’ve done a nice job with the building design, and we’re happy with that. I think they’ll do really well here. It’s unique, and what’s going to draw the customers is the quality of the food, It’s terrific according to customer reviews.”

Full Moon Barbecue is well-known in Alabama for their many menu options, including Greek and Angus beef, brisket pork, smoked turkey, and chicken salad. 

“I would say the cost of this is going to be around $2-4 million, so it’s a big investment for Full Moon,” Hoops said. “They chose to come to Madison first, and I think they’ll be successful here. It’s a good location right on the Madison Parkway and Crawford Farms on Main Street. Just drive past the Academy Sports, and it’ll be on the next corner.”

Ward 6 Alderman Guy Bowering said he is very happy about the construction of this new restaurant and how it’s contributing to Madison’s growth as a whole. 

“We’re really happy that they chose Madison as their first out-of-state location,” Bowering said. “We try to maintain quality, as we want people to shop, work, and live here, and participate in the activities that we have. Something like Full Moon Barbecue will draw people to the city of Madison, for all the right reasons.” 

Bowering said he and the other aldermen did some research on Full Moon and it was nothing but good news. 

“It’s a great site, a lot of people travel through that area on Highway 463, especially during lunch hour,” he said. “They’re going to be very successful and have a lot of traffic.”

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