Flora tightens belt on budget


No major projects are on the agenda for this year as Flora officials look to weather continue hardships and shortfalls due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Flora Mayor Les Childres said that the budget approved by the city board two weeks ago includes no new or special projects. Childress said that the budget is similar to last year’s.

“Our budget is about the same as last year due to you know the situation with the virus,” Childress said. “This budget is tightened up and we expect to be frugal with the money we do spend. “

The budget was approved unanimously by the four aldermen present.

The budget features and estimated revenue of $1,482,410 and total estimated expenditures of $1,525,467. 

The combined beginning balance of the general, utility and cemetery funds is $1,416,000 with a total balance after anticipated revenues of $2,898,410.

The beginning unrestricted balance of the general fund is $750,000 plus $5,000 in restricted funds.

The city expects to generate $435,300 in taxes.

“For the next 12 months, we do not expect to spend any extra unless necessary,” Childress aid. “We will continue to react as we need to to our needs.”

In the meantime, Childress encouraged residents to “keep safe and support local businesses.”

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