Fitness facility expands to town

Fitness facility expands to town


A new fitness studio has opened in Gluckstadt.

The studio, thebarre, opened in April and has been going strong, offering a variety of classes to meet all skill and fitness levels.

Workouts use the horizontal, waist-level bar used in ballet studios to support a variety of workouts that draw from yoga, pilates, and ballet training.

 Erin Tate, the owner, said they can accommodate both newcomers and long-time practitioners alike.

“All of our classes can be taken at any fitness level,” She said. “Most of our workouts offer either a modification to make them easier or an advanced option to make them more difficult.”

Tate said most of the workouts involve music and aim to give clients ages 16 to 60 a fun and safe workout.

The Gluckstadt location is located in the shopping center at 1716 U.S. 51. Gluckstadt is their second location. The first is in Brandon near the Reservoir that opened in the late summer of 2018.

Originally from Kentucky, Tate moved to Mississippi to study nursing at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

“I realized that was not the career for me,” she said.

In Kentucky, Tate had barre classes and decided to open her own studio here.

“We have gotten great feedback,” Tate said.”I think we have built a unique sense of community.”

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