EDITORIAL/Working on the railroad


Canton was part of the glory days of the Illinois Central railroad system at the turn of the 20th century, both passenger and freight, so we’re glad to see the Canton to Grenada line getting a boost.

Up to $6.2 million in federal funding has been tapped for significant improvements along roughly 100 miles of rail between Grenada and Canton.

The monies will largely provide infrastructure and equipment improvements for the Grenada Railroad, LLC by upgrading approximately 25 railroad bridges and 100 miles of ties and rail.

Madison County Economic Development Authority Executive Director Joey Deason said any improvements would only benefit Canton and Madison County.

The major railroad lines running through Madison County are still a tremendous asset as in the heyday with multiple passenger trains daily. Grenada is another tool in the toolbox.

Amtrak’s City of New Orleans ran through Canton until September 1995 when it moved to the Delta route which has come to carry all of the major freight trains since the Grenada route is hilly and curvey.

The CN line south of Canton still serves the Nissan automobile manufacturing plant into Jackson.

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