EDITORIAL/GOP elections reform now


Teenage Republican state chairmen from across the nation, including our own Connor Gibson in Mississippi, are rightly denouncing the fringe. 

Good for our kids. Conspiracies are a dangerous swamp to wade into.

Let’s get to work winning elections again by reforming elections. 

Weak GOP leaders across the country caused conservatives to lose this cycle because they made deals with the Democrats or were just asleep at the switch.

Mississippi, to be sure, is not among the losers and our people can help lead.

State elections reforms are paramount over the next two years.

Republicans are hurt yet more united than ever. Our party should set out to impact grassroots change on the state level where it counts.

Ban ballot harvesting. Reform states like Georgia where the Republican Secretary of State made a deal with Dems on mail-in balloting that weakened signature verification and helped cost President Trump the election. 

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court was allowed by state Republicans there to become dominated by liberal Democrats who ignored their own state constitution and helped cost Trump the election.

In Mississippi, we’ve had some close calls, but Republicans have managed to call out the imposters. 

Good for these young people having a spine many conservatives are lacking, especially during a time when we need everybody to unite if we ever intend to win the White House or Congress again.

“I’m proud to join several fellow state Teenage Republican leaders from across our nation to denounce QAnon and other ridiculous conspiracy theories that do not help us grow and advance the Republican Party,” said Gibson of Hattiesburg.

“In 2022, we have a major task ahead of us to take back the House and Senate. In order to appeal to voters across the United States and grow our base, we must do everything in our power to denounce ridiculous conspiracy theories and stop those who attempt to make them mainstream.”

The backbone and wisdom of our young people is impressive as many conservatives sit silent or join in with liberals casting aspersions on a certain fellow Republican.

Again, state election reforms are paramount over the next two years. The GOP is more united than ever and can impact change on the state level where it counts.

Ban ballot harvesting in particular. Demand reform in states like Georgia where the GOP made the deal with Dems on mail-in balloting that cost Trump the election. 

The United States is the freest country in the world, yet American liberties are increasingly being violated, limited, or circumscribed by government as it expands into every corner of civil society, especially under the Biden administration.

Let’s use this momentum to unite and bring about reforms that will push back and limit government by expanding civil liberties for all Americans.

The age of corporatist Republicans who lose gracefully is over. We’re in a revolution. Fight like it is a revolution — because it is. 

Meaningful state-by-state elections reform is the issue at hand.

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