EDITORIAL/Black voters never had place


The following are excerpts from Diamond and Silk’s new book “Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can’t Ditch and Switch? The Awakening of Diamond and Silk.”

We often refer to the Democrat Party as the “Democrat Plantation.” Some think we are actually talking about a plantation. We’re not. We are talking about a mindset that keeps you restricted by beliefs that control you. 

The liberal Democrat Party has been pulling the wool over black Americans’ eyes and giving conflicting signals for decades. They say one thing and do another; they never uphold any of their promises. Democrats love keeping black people in a fight, causing us to distrust everything. We’ve been taught not to trust anybody, not even ourselves. 

The goal is to keep minorities dependent on Democrats instead of showing them how to depend on themselves. 

Democrats attempt to force us into their amoral beliefs through education and indoctrination against traditional right and wrong. They left black Americans wounded while portraying them as the face of victimhood. They stifled freedom of speech and freedom of thought with political correctness. When they’re questioned about their actions and intentions, they’ll brand and label you with terms like xenophobe, Islamophobe, homophobe, racist, white nationalist, and white supremacist.

Looking at the Democrat Party today, in our opinions, they’ve always been the party of division. To divide and conquer are their goals. They divided Americans based on race, gender, sexuality, and class, then put us against each other. A lot of the oppression going on in our country has been created by liberalism and liberal ideology, whose strongest supporters happen to be black. 

During the ’60s, black people marched in the streets for equality. Today, some black people still march in the streets for equality while voting for the same party that equates them to being less than. 

Liberalism tells everyone that the statues are the problem; the statues are racist. Instead of people doing research, they attack something made of bricks and stones, something that can’t feed them, clothe them, or give them a job. After seeing just how easy it was to control the narrative, liberals told everyone that the American flag was against them as black people. Once again, instead of doing research, people went out of their way to disrespect the very thing that represents the men and women who fought for their freedoms. 

Kneeling on the flag is another way for liberals to control the narrative while creating a fog that keeps people from seeing the real truth about what’s happening within the black communities. 

Black-on-black crimes get swept under the rug. Where are all of the marches against blacks killing other blacks? Everyone is quieter than mice peeing on cotton. 

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