Canton Academy students continue learning


Costume classes and themed backdrops are just two of the unique ways Canton Academy students are finding to stay connected.

Like most schools around the country, distance learning takes place online with Zoom meetings and online coursework.

Sophomore Starr Spivey said this form of online learning has given her a different view of her teachers.

"I have learned how much the teachers really do care for us," Spivey said. "They are really making sure that we understand things before moving on. They are also not piling assignments on us because they know how hard it is to learn right now since we are away from them."

Sophomore Gaston Walker said he's grateful for the time teachers are putting in.

"They are doing live classes to help learn what is going on in class every day," he said." They help with tutoring people if they are having trouble on one of the assignments."

On average, over 30 hours of online teaching is happening per week at Canton Academy.

Sophomore Carli Cooper mentioned her English teacher making some memorable videos.

"Miss Morris made a funny video to discuss part one of Fahrenheit 451," she said. "She dressed up and everything, and she even used her dogs to help her make the video. It was very entertaining and helped me understand what we've been reading."

Cooper added that because of the quarantine, she has gained a new perspective as well.

Senior Bethany Biggers, this year's Miss Canton Academy, said she misses several things she didn't even realize mattered to her.

"I realized that I miss getting the opportunity to complain about track practice, stress about tests, and miss waiting on class to end," she said. "I miss getting to do the announcements every morning and seeing people in the hallways. I also miss the fact that we are missing out on class senior things — like our play, senior buddy play dates, senior parties, and our last few weeks together as a class."

CA faculty and staff delivered personalized signs to each senior to place in their yards congratulating them on a job well done. Each day, a senior is spotlighted on the school's facebook page to show how much the class of 2020 is loved.

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