Broadmoor festival was big success

Broadmoor festival was big success


MADISON — Liberty Park was the site for worship, family fun and camaraderie Sunday afternoon during Broadmoor Baptist Church’s second Community Fest. 

Rowland Hall, community impact pastor for Broadmoor, supervised the event and said it was all about people coming together and keeping the legacy the church has with Christ. 

“The highlight of the event for me was seeing our people working together and doing many different tasks to make this event happen for others,” Hall said. “It takes a lot of energy and resources. Everyone contributed, whether it was manning a game or making banana pudding. It was fun to see.”

Hall described Community Fest as several past events at Broadmoor rolled into one, such as Fun Fest and Church in the Park, as Community Fest took elements from those events and turned them into one giant festival. 

He said the city of Madison has been fantastic to Broadmoor in letting them utilize Liberty Park, which the church felt was the best place in Madison to bring everyone together. 

“When we were planning Community Fest, we were thinking of a place in the Madison area as a way to really show how much we love the immediate community,” Hall said. “We wanted a place people are familiar with, and Liberty Park is where families gather on a regular basis. We felt it was an ideal location since kids go to the playground and families gather there.”

The festivities started at 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning with corporate worship, which Hall said was very much like a typical Broadmoor church service. After worship, everyone had lunch together. 

“There was a large number of people who put a lot of effort into preparing lunch for everyone,” Hall said. “We had foot tents, serving lines, picnic tables, and more. We also had games like corn hole, and other things for folks while they enjoyed time tailgating together. After lunch, we had our afternoon festival, which had carnival games, inflatables, food trucks, live music with local bands, groups from Germantown High School, the Madison Central High School choir, and more.” 

Hall noted that Broadmoor purchased materials from Madison Lowe’s to build around 40 picnic tables used for the event, and on Monday morning, all of the picnic tables were distributed to different schools around the area. 

He added that Community Fest was geared toward people from all seasons of life since there were activities available for families with smaller children, but there were also things to do for adults.

“The icing on the cake is seeing others come and enjoy themselves,” Hall said. “I loved watching them walk into what I feel is a very hospitable environment where they feel welcome and where folks are genuinely glad to see them. It’s fun camaraderie in a very relaxed atmosphere. This event exists because we want the people to know that they are loved and the church cares for them. It comes from the legacy we have with Christ. Stay tuned and love folks, and come be a part of it in the future.” 

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