Bridal Path officially open in Madison

Bridal Path officially open in Madison


Bridal Path owner Audrey McCarty said opening her business in Madison was done through prayer and her whole family is blessed. 

“We’ve prayed over the foundation, written Bible verses, and even eaten dinner on the concrete slab,” McCarty said. “It’s unbelievable how great of a team I have, and this building would not exist without Taylor Poole at Dean and Dean and everyone else who has been a part of this. This was truly made by the people and I can’t believe we’re finally here.” 

McCarty took ownership of Bridal Path in 2018 after graduating from Mississippi State University. The store originally opened in 1969 in Jackson, and plans to move the business to Madison have been in the works for at least two years. 

McCarty is the daughter of Madison’s Ward 3 Alderman Janie Jarvis.  

Madison Community Partners held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Bridal Path on Sep. 19. Multiple city officials were present, including Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler, aldermen, Fire Chief Derrick Layton, Police Chief Gene Waldrop, and local business leaders. 

McCarty said she wanted to thank Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler most of all. 

“She’s been my second momma forever and it means the world to me that I get to have a building in this beautiful city right at the beginning of Main Street,” McCarty said. “She’s been so strong and has built this city on prayer. We’ve prayed over this place and it’s an honor to be here. Our family has been so blessed by this business and everyone who has supported it.” 

The original owner of Bridal Path, Rosemary Guess, was also present at the ribbon cutting and spoke about the history of Bridal Path, which was originally located on Lakeland Drive. 

“In 1969, a friend of mine called me one day and she asked if I would like to open a bridal store,” Guess said. “I thought it would be fun, so me and two other ladies started out with no experience. We took out $15,000 and stocked the store, and our most expensive dress there was $250. When we sold a $250 dress, we thought we had it made.” 

Guess said even though she does not own Bridal Path anymore, she knows it is in good hands with McCarty. 

“It’s so wonderful to see a family take over this business,” Guess said. “It’s still in my heart, and I will love and treasure it forever even though it’s not mine anymore. I know it’s in really good hands.” 

Hawkins-Butler said dreams do come true on Main Street and she is incredibly proud of McCarty. 

“It’s such a personal feeling I have in my heart, when we talked about dreaming big, to never quit, and to always remember to pray,” Hawkins-Butler said. “I'm so proud of you. As we stand on one of the finest corners in the state of Mississippi, we see something that’s fabulous and unique and it sets the tone as you come into the Main Street Historic District. God had a plan for all of you to be here. It doesn’t get any better than this, to see young people grow up here, start their businesses, and start their families. Make those memories, and don’t let go of that. Always know that you are special and you’ve made Madison even more special.” 

The new Bridal Path is located at 2010 Main Street right off Highway 463. For more information about the store, visit their website at, or call (601) 982-8267.

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