Board recognizes 2023-2024 Mayor’s Youth Council

Board recognizes 2023-2024 Mayor’s Youth Council


The Lucky City’s 2023-2024 Mayor’s Youth Council kicked off their school year by receiving recognition from Mayor Walter Morrison and aldermen on Sep. 12. 

Morrison said the new council is made up of over 30 members from seven different schools, comprising freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

“They have gone through a long process of filling out applications and I’d like to recognize all of them,” Morrison said. 

The Gluckstadt Mayor’s Youth Council was founded in August 2022 after Germantown’s Julia Lever pitched the idea to the board. After presenting her ideas, the board quickly approved the council.  

At the end of the 2022-2023 school year, Lever hoped the council would double in size for its second year, and that goal was met with 32 members for the 2023-2024 school year, compared to 15 members during the first year. 

All of the council members stood before the board and introduced themselves. 

The members include: 

• Julia Lever (Germantown High School, junior)

• Ava Bondurant (Jackson Academy, freshman)

• Presley McCullouch (Germantown High School, freshman)

• Ashby Robinson (Germantown High School, freshman)

• Regan Alexander (Germantown High School, sophomore)

• Reese Alman (Germantown High School, sophomore)

• Addison Cado (Canton Academy, sophomore) 

• Elijah Dortch Germantown High School, sophomore) 

• Shelby Grant (Jackson Academy, sophomore) 

• Simar Kamboj (Germantown High School, sophomore) 

• Adriana Kroeze (St. Andrews, sophomore) 

• Caleb Morgan (Germantown High School, sophomore) 

• Scarlett Rolph (Germantown High School, sophomore) 

• Miah Schuller (Germantown High School, sophomore) 

• Emiliana Valdez (Germantown High School, sophomore) 

• Gabbye Austin (Germantown High School, junior) 

• Amelia Rose Cook (Canton Academy, junior) 

• Henry Cooper (St. Andrews, junior) 

• Alex Davis (Jackson Academy, junior) 

• Lindan Garner (Jackson Prep, junior) 

• Avery Hornback (Germantown High School, junior) 

• Jerrica Lewis (Germantown High School, junior) 

• Tiffany Lin (Germantown High School, junior) 

• Parwan Josan (Germantown High School, junior) 

• Austin Sanders (Germantown High School, junior) 

• Hannah Cole (Germantown High School, senior) 

• Jrace Jamison (Germantown High School, senior) 

• Matthew Latham (Madison-Ridgeland Academy, senior) 

• Liliana McGee (Germantown High School, senior) 

• Christian Rankin (Germantown High School, senior) 

• Marissa Shepherd (Germantown High School, senior) 

• Zoe Thigpen (Germantown High School, senior)

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