Aldermen pass new ordinance for food trucks

Aldermen pass new ordinance for food trucks


Food truck operators will pay an initial fee of $1,000 or $50 per day for special events to operate in Gluckstadt after an ordinance passed last month to clarify the city’s policy.

The city’s food truck ordinance, approved on May 14, says food trucks must obtain a privilege license through the Mississippi Department of Health before operating in the city. After obtaining the license they may purchase a local permit for a year for an initial fee of $1,000. Renewals in subsequent years will cost $500.

According to the ordinance, food trucks or mobile food vendors wishing to conduct business in Gluckstadt for a special event can obtain a permit from the city at a rate of $50 a day for no more than three days.

City officials said this ordinance is consistent with similar guidelines set by nearby municipalities, including Ridgeland, Pearl, and Brandon

This stand-alone ordinance was passed to take food truck regulation out of the city’s zoning ordinance. 

City Attorney John Scanlon clarified during the May 14 meeting at which the ordinance was approved that this will allow the board to amend the ordinance without having to hold a public hearing. 

The new ordinance was subsequently unanimously approved.

At that meeting, a public hearing was held to remove food trucks from the zoning codes. 

At the June 11 meeting, this “procedural” issue was cleared up and the item was formally removed from the city’s zoning ordinance.

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