$1M donated for St. Andrew’s scholarships

$1M donated for St. Andrew’s scholarships


St. Andrew’s has more opportunities than ever before to support students of financial need. St. Andrew’s has received two new gifts totaling $1 million to support the school’s merit scholarship programs. Merit scholarships allow academically gifted students with financial need to experience a St. Andrew’s education. 

The Malone Scholarship, a scholarship for academically gifted students in grades 7-12, was established in 2005 through a $2 million gift from the Malone Family Foundation. In 2023, the Malone Family Foundation presented St. Andrew’s with an additional $500,000 gift to support the Malone Scholars program bringing the total endowment to $2.5 million dollars. St. Andrew’s was the only school in Mississippi and one of only 50 schools nationwide to receive this prestigious grant. 

“My parents wanted nothing more than to get me into a better school, but it simply wouldn’t have been possible without the Malone Scholarship,” says Ashlynn Payne ‘21, current student at the University of Mississippi. “The quality of the teachers and education at St. Andrew’s was otherworldly compared to my previous school. My St. Andrew’s education challenged and encouraged me to not only be an even better student, but a better person.”

The application process for the Malone Scholarship identified so many qualified applicants that St. Andrew’s supporters were moved to establish a second merit scholarship, the Julia Chadwick Arches to Excellence Scholarship. A second gift was given this year from beloved former teacher Dr. Charles Weeks. Dr. Weeks taught at St. Andrew’s from 1979 to 1997 when he pioneered the school’s distinctive humanities program, served as head of the history department, twice won the Mississippi Economic Council’s Star Teacher Award, and mentored a host of promising students, many of whom became his lifelong friends. 

Dr. Weeks died on July 15, 2022. Dozens of St. Andrew’s alumni and former faculty members attended an October memorial service for Dr. Weeks held in the Chapel of St. Andrew the Apostle on the North Campus, many traveling from locations nationwide to pay tribute to their teacher. In a testimony to his love for St. Andrew’s, Dr. Weeks left a generous bequest to the school in his will, gifting the school $500,000 to support need-based scholarships. 

“Working with the Malone Foundation, which includes the Malone online advanced studies program for all St. Andrews students, has been one of the great joys of my work at St. Andrew’s,” says Associate Head of School for Advancement and Community Relations Stephanie Garriga. “Now, Dr. Weeks’ amazing gift has offered us even more opportunities to welcome students. It’s a wonderful experience to see these scholars grow, both during their time as students here and as they use their education and experiences to pursue new opportunities beyond St. Andrew’s.” Scholarships at St. Andrew’s may cover tuition and supplies for those that meet financial qualifications.

Since 2005, there have been 45 Malone Scholars and 40 Julia Chadwick Arches to Excellence Scholars. Malone and Chadwick Arches to Excellence Scholars have represented St. Andrew’s at universities nationwide, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Notre Dame, Emory, Davidson, Georgetown,  Northwestern, NYU, Southern Methodist University, Grinnell, University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, Colby, Bowdoin, and NYU School of Law.

“For nearly two decades, St. Andrew’s and its devoted stewards of our program have been a role model for Malone schools, conducting innovative outreach to find exemplary scholars and treating the Malone scholarship program as a hallmark of the school’s exceptional education,” says Cathie Wlaschin, executive director of the Malone Family Foundation. “Our St. Andrew’s scholars have thrived, advancing to great colleges and careers in education, tech, law, and medicine. We couldn’t have asked more of St. Andrew’s, truly a beacon of excellence in Mississippi and the nation.starts with the 90-day notice.

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