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Madison Central alum finds his Southern Pride

Zach Day records a song in the studio.

Singer/songwriter Zach Day is a hometown boy with a lot of pride and a lot of talent. The Madison native is quickly gaining a large following in Starkville, where he currently attends college at Mississippi State University.

With the release of his debut album, Southern Pride, Day hopes to win the hearts of many while letting people know what he's all about.

Now playing at live venues and picking up gigs where he can, it's hard to believe the artist taught himself to play the guitar just four years ago.

"I didn't learned to play guitar until my freshman year in college," he explained. "The reason I learned to play is I got into a little tiff here in Starkville. I came home for a semester, and when I came home we had built a hunting camp.

"I don't know why, but I always just wanted to live in the woods so I moved out there. I didn't have a whole lot to do during the day - it was just me and my dog - so I brought my guitar and I finally learned how to play."

After three months of learning, Day began writing his own songs. The rest is history.

The young Bulldog said he's written over 40 songs all of which were inspired by his experiences from traveling the world to working on farms in the Mississippi Delta. He said it's through his experiences and other's stories that he's been able to express his beliefs through music.

"Most of the songs are something directly or indirectly related to something either I've experienced or seen other people experience. Writing songs is just how I get things out that I have on my mind."

His CD features 12 songs covering everything from love and hard work, to music and Mississippi. Some of his major musical influences come from artists such as Willy Nelson and Dwight Yokum. While the Texas-based legends have served as role models for the Madison native, he's not shy about showing his Mississippi pride.

"That's a major point in a lot of stuff that I write," he said.

While his first live gig was only last summer, Day said he hopes to continue playing anywhere that he can and would love to perform in Madison County at some point.

The Madison Central graduate said he's looking forward to writing more songs and reaching a broader audience.

Until then, he'll just continue gathering more stories and making more memories to add to his collection of songs. 


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