Treon Young stands outside his new shop located in Northpark. Young says Country Bumkin is a lifestyle brand for millennials.
Treon Young stands outside his new shop located in Northpark. Young says Country Bumkin is a lifestyle brand for millennials.

RIDGELAND — When most people go to Northpark they expect big brand names like J.C. Penney, Belk and H&M, but Treon Young thinks his brand, Country Bumkin, is strong enough to stand up against those household names.

“That's how highly I think of my brand and I want to give it every opportunity to compete on the highest level. Country Bumkin is a lifestyle brand that gives Mississippians something to embrace,” Young said. “In clothing, I wanted to fill a void I saw for clothes that speak for us.”

The store creatively uses brightly colored racks with a variety of original offerings with inventive displays featuring a grill and another with a picnic table. It includes a white leather couch and two wall murals. One is basically a photo opportunity for customers to take a picture in front of a very large painting of the brand’s mascot with curly hair and a straw hat.

The other is a large collage of pictures of people, many in Country Bumkin gear.

As the owner of a small brand, Young wears a lot of hats. He has a hand in running the business, designing merchandise that includes new shirt designs every week, running their social media accounts and further promoting his business.

He is often found sitting at the customer help and checkout desk of his small mall storefront.

The brand is very personal for the Greenville native. Apart from celebrating his roots, it is also a tender tribute to a friend of his that passed when they were in high school.

“We shared an interest in fashion and how we and our friends and dressed and we always discussed opening a business together,” Young said. “I felt that whatever I did I needed to keep him in mind.”

Their line started with their signature shorts. A wild design featuring the brand mascot and other hand-drawn images that embody the Country Bumkin lifestyle. In addition, they have hats, polo shirts and a rotating stable of shirts that frequently feature new designs.

His vision for the future of the brand includes a kid’s line, a dressier line called Country Gentleman and even their own Country Bumkin Branded furniture.

“As millennials, there is a big gap in between how we like to decorate our homes and how our parents do,” Young said. 

To Young, Mississippi is easily characterized as a place with a lack of resources, where not a lot is going on compared to big city centers like Atlanta, but he wants to change that negative perception to a positive one.

“I really see a blank slate where a lot of visionary and creative people have a lot of opportunities to make something and leave their mark,” Young said.

For more information on Young’s mark visit his store at Northpark on the second floor right across from Victoria’s Secret or check out their Instagram @shopcountrybumkin