RIDGELAND — Police have now nabbed five in connection with a shooting at Midway Park last week that left one innocent bystander dead.

Darius Joseph Farmer, 22, of 231 Hawthorne Drive, Madison; Isaiah Roderick Evans, 15, of 422 Midway Avenue, Ridgeland; Christopher Dewayne Clark Tyler, 17, of 421 Leonard Avenue, Ridgeland; Lenzarius Jayquan Roberts, 16, of 6973 Cole Road, Ridgeland; and Kaland Lemack McCollum, 27, of 6300 Old Canton Road, Jackson have all been arrested and charged with the murder of Kendrell Miller, 23, of Madison.

Bonds have been set for Evans, Tyler and Roberts at $1,000,000 each for the charge of murder. McCollum and Farmer will have an initial appearance soon and bond will be set accordingly on the charge of Murder.  

The white Chevrolet truck believed to have been used in the crime has been recovered, according to Ridgeland Police Lt. Brian Myers.

“This is an active investigation with multiple developments,” Myers said. “Law enforcement to include the Ridgeland Police Department and the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force are working diligently to bring all involved to justice.” 

It was reported last week that Evans, who lives just down the road from Midway Park where the shooting occurred, was taken into custody in connection with the shooting along with Jabari Branch, 17, also from Ridgeland. Midway Park is west of Highway 51 near the I-55/I-220 interchange.

Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal said Evans was arrested early Wednesday morning and Branch was picked up early in the afternoon.

Myers said that Branch was arrested but later released from police custody. 
“He had an alibi,” Myers said. “He was at work when this crime was committed.”

According to Neal, at 5:50 p.m. Monday they received a call of a shooting at Midway Park off Midway Avenue. There, a man playing basketball was shot in the head.

“There was a report of a subject playing basketball that was shot in the head by some subjects traveling in a four-door white pickup truck,” Neal said at the time. “We identified the truck through some surveillance that was in the area, in addition to two of the occupants.”

Miller died last Wednesday afternoon, June 19 as a result of his injuries.
“He was just an innocent guy out there shooting basketball,” Neal said last week. 

“Witnesses on scene were saying the intended victim saw the truck go by,” Neal said, intimating the intended victim had a previous altercation with someone in the white truck.

“He walked away from the basketball court and the truck came back around.”

Neal said they believe the suspects thought that individual was still on the scene when they opened up fire. 

Myers said that police continue to search for the other suspects.
“We are actively chasing down leads to identify other players,” Myers said.