William "Brady" Prince, of Madison, died on March 1, 2017 in Madison, Mississippi after a brief but intense battle with cancer.  He was born on January 20, 1963 in Magee, Mississippi.  

He most recently spent over fifteen years as a resident of the Philippines and Japan as part of his Aviation Mechanic career with L-3 Vertex Aerospace, LLC.  Brady is survived by his parents, James E. Prince (Jennifer), his mother, Ola S. Buntin, his wife, Charlene S. Prince, his two sons, William "Daniel" Prince (Jenn), and "Matthew" Brady Prince (Ali); one grandson, Sutter Hayes Prince, as well as his siblings Jacqueline "Ramona" Prince, James "Eric" Prince (Laurie Prince), Sonya Lee Richardson (Jim Tucker) and Denise Robinson Schimmel (Heath Thomas); in addition to his step siblings Micah Reeder (Christina), Shannon Dubose, and Wade Prince (Crystal). Brady was preceded in death by his stepfather, Bob "Big Daddy" Buntin, his Aunt Mary Robinson, Uncle George, and cousin, SFC Christopher Lee Robinson whom he was fondly close to.

During his career as an aviation mechanic with a civilian military contractor, Brady was proud to serve his country in areas like Tyndall AFB, South Korea, the Marshall Islands, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Japan, and Thailand just to name a few.  

A funeral service was held at Grace Episcopal Church, Canton on March 4, 2017.