The Madison County Business League & Foundation Board of Directors and Government Affairs Committee presented the 2018 MCBL&F legislative agenda to the Madison County Legislative Delegation at a committee breakfast held on Dec. 15 at Butler Snow.

The Government Affairs Committee and Committee Chairman Trey Dellinger recommended the agenda to the board of directors for approval after meetings were held with local elected officials and several legislators.  

The agenda will be presented in the form of a resolution to Governor Bryant, Lt. Governor Reeves and Speaker of the House Philip Gunn.

There are three items on the 2018 legislative agenda and they include:

• MCBL&F supports state funding for the Reunion Interchange.

• MCBL&F supports increasing the percentage of sales tax diverted to local governments from the current 18.5 percent figure to 20 percent. The MCBL&F also supports diverting a percentage of any sales tax collected by the state from internet sales to the local government in the zip code from which the sale originated.

• MCBL&F supports retaining the provision of existing law whereby no local school district is required to supply more than 27 percent of the base education funding formula from local funds.