Dear Editor,

The political ad on page A10 of the Madison County Journal dated June 12, 2014, is a stunning display of grinning political stars. How did the photographer elicit those smiles? I confess my mind wandered into what might be considered political blasphemy when I considered what the photographer might have said. Did he/she say "Sooey!" and everyone responded "Oink!" But having a propensity of thinking less of my fellow humans than they might deserve I struck that thought (although I have reconsidered it since) and settled on a more reasonable and relevant explanation. The photographer must have said "tax-exempt bonds, or U. S. Government grants or congressional earmarks." But that's only a polite way of saying "Sooey!" The reply is still "Oink!"

Now I don't use "Sooey!/Oink!" because of any characteristics displayed by the individuals in the photo (although there are some heavy jowls scattered about) but I read the word "pork" in the editorial and the dots started connecting. How is it that these self-confident, independent minded, self-reliant people who probably hate the notion and policy of wealth redistribution defend it so openly and seem oblivious of the hypocrisy? I thought wealth redistribution was a "Damnucrat" tenet not a "Repugnacan"! Or do they and the editor believe that being poor (as in 'poor' state) justifies wealth redistribution? Mississippi has been on the net receiving end for years; the farm programs, particularly cotton, down to the EBT card of today. Once it's begun it's difficult to stop without severe withdrawal consequences.

Some believe the survival of the nation should be the main focus of our Washington officials. Some of us fear that this dependency on the federal government by states, counties, cities and individuals would be best remedied by a controlled decline in the dependency since a cataclysmic, catastrophic failure seems imminent. But the reversal must begin soon. The ad on page A10 is no harbinger of change in the thinking of these officials of how to do without Washington. Now is the time to at least stop increasing our dependency on wealth redistribution from Washington and find that way of doing for ourselves or make do with what we have. Assuredly the tentacles of Washington Big Government are in these projects listed both on A10 and in the editorial. Better we tax ourselves more than participate with Washington.

The ad on A10 is a poor message. A generation ago would be surprised at how quickly societies and individuals take on an attitude of entitlement (except for some cotton farmers of years past). This idea of state building by Washington hasn't worked any better than their nation building in Iraq. To continue this policy of Washington largess (wealth redistribution) only makes for a bigger and bossier Washington.

God help us to stop looking to Washington as god.

Jon Gatlin

North Madison County, MS