Canton, Mississippi, IS IN CRISIS. . . nobody in authority cares.  Let me explain.

WHAT?  Election fraud has been rampant in this city for decades.  Numerous valid, provable complaints over those decades were ignored by authorities. In the 2017 municipal elections private citizens who DO care once again diligently and painstakingly observed and noted numerous egregious election violations both during early voting, at the polls and remarkably at city hall during the final vote count! These citizens once again documented those observations in detail to the Madison-Rankin district attorney.  It took him over 18 months to begin the investigations and over two years to begin to bring the miscreants to justice.  Regrettably, the prosecution of these cases has been so tepid and so remarkably inept, one can only question whether this approach was on purpose.  Jail time has been given in only one case out of nine.  There should have been scores of indictments based on the evidence submitted! 


I have personally witnessed at length observers from the Secretary of State’s office at our municipal elections for the last three cycles.  I have also seen the same fraud, both by illegal voters and poll workers, that these State observers saw.  These State observers made enough notes to write two John Grisham novels about these violations. Yet absolutely no indictments! 

WHY?  POWER!  Election fraud is small potatoes in this fight.  This fraud is to put in place the compliant pawns necessary to control everything in Canton, ie, City Government, the Housing Authority, Canton Municipal Utilities, the Canton Public School Board, Tourism Bureau and who knows what else. A small cabal of high-level officials control this company of pawns with threats, promises and meager payoffs for the sole purpose of robbing the BIG money from these entities and, by extension, the taxpayers, ratepayers, and hard-working, law-abiding citizens of Canton.  

YES folks, I earnestly believe the larceny is going on NOW!  Follow the money.

One of many reasons I believe Canton is being stolen blind is because since the first takeover attempt by our current mayor of the CMU board on election day 2013, the FBI, Public Service Commission, Elections division of the Secretary of State, the State Auditor and who knows who else have all taken an interest in goings on here.  Is the fact that there have been NO indictments after 6 years really because there is no fraud, corruption, or larceny in Canton city government?  REALLY?

I have a newsflash for the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Madison-Rankin District Attorney and United States Attorney:  Are you denying the Rule of Law to any other parts of Mississippi. . . or just Canton?

Cantonites, if and until our collective leadership does their duty, YOU, the voters, are our last line of defense against incompetence and corruption.

Ward 7 recently elected a good alderman.  Ward 5 MUST do the same on October 29.  

Please VOTE carefully!

John Scanlan