I have been patient long enough.  The corruption and incompetence at Canton City Hall has arrived at the point that the faithful citizens of this fair city can and should not continue to tolerate such administrative injustices. 

Is it not bad enough that at least seven Cantonites have been charged with election process improprieties ( read ‘cheating’), two of whom are/were on the current board of aldermen and one member of the Canton School Board? 

Recently, our Lord Mayor and his gang of knuckleheads decided to replace ALL the current board of directors of the Canton Visitors and Convention bureau with new members more to their liking.  

Not only are at least two of these appointments not qualified to serve, the action did not include the required term assignments to each of the appointees per the statute.  Given the shenanigans by the City and CMU board and management to make the 10 million plus dollars in cash reserves disappear without full accountability, one can only assume the real reason to take over the best managed and most productive department in the city is to misappropriate the hospitality tax revenue that is dedicated to that department for other uses. 

Don’t you people, mayor and aldermen, realize that there are laws to govern your actions and that you can, and most probably will, go to jail for violating those laws.  Some of your confidants at this very moment are realizing that reality – you could and probably should be next.

From elected City officials who do not live within the confines of Canton to a member of the board of aldermen who works for a utility that is controlled by them, and a substandard school district trying to get out of the educational dungeon that mismanagement and deliberate suppression of excellence by the board of education has perpetrated for decades, Canton is in dire need of redemption and reorganization. It was not that long ago that the State of Mississippi was rated first out 50 for public corruption and fifty out of 50 for education. If it were not for Jackson, Canton could be considered the number one poster child for those statistics.

The Mayor and 6 of 7 aldermen are Democrats. WE are ashamed of you.

John Scanlan


John Scanlan is chairman, of the Canton Municipal Democrat Executive Committee