The New Year is often the time of reflection and re-assessment of priorities and goals in life. It is a signal the clock is ticking and opportunity beckons. Spiritual progress is the most important aspect of life, for life with God is the only life that is truly life. So let me share with you some spiritual goals for this year.

• Keep constant time with God. The godly man is “set apart,” not only by God’s calling him to faith, but because he has set himself apart by devotion. Have a Bible reading plan for the year, and set regular daily times for reading and prayer. A little is better than none. Do not neglect the Lord’s Day worship. If you are unable to physically attend church, then watch a service on TV or listen to a sermon on a device. Make it a goal to observe every Lord’s Day.

Also, get good books into your houses. Books by good Christian teachers are like cisterns that hold the waters of life in them to refresh you. Mt Zion Bible Church (Chapel Library) in Pensacola, Fl. will send free reprints of classic Christian literature. They will send you a catalog upon request. Banner of Truth Christian literature also has many reprints of ancient Christian writers. You need to read some of the Christian writers from other ages and these are good resources.

• As you love your own soul, do not be a stranger to yourself. Make it a year of self-examination. Set up a judgment seat in your own soul; judge your walk in the faith as how it will appear in the light of God. For lack of this self –searching many die unknown to themselves. Be afraid of a painted holiness, and seek sincerity.

The Lord and his apostles often direct us to be watchful over our souls. The Lord Jesus said: “I say to you all, Watch (Mark 13:37).” The Lord directs us this way so that the day of his coming does not catch us unaware. If we see a suspicious person, we keep an eye on him. In the same way, our hearts should be viewed this way. They are subtle pieces, and can lead us to vanity and blindness to ourselves.

• Get your heart fixed above this world and on Christ. “Set your affections on things above (Colossians 3:2).” Though Christians live here, and have blessings from God, their hearts should be elevated to the sinless and best world. Those whose hearts are elevated are not as stung by the vexations common in the world we live.

• Be more afraid of sin than suffering. A man may be afflicted, and yet have the love of God; but if he indulges sin, he angers God.  A fear of God can warn you away from temptation. When a man sins presumptuously and willfully, he loses his peace. Make it your business to be humbled by sin; the least sin Christ paid for with his blood.

• In the business of faith, serve God with all your heart. In whatever we find to do, do it with the Lord’s honor in view. Do all the good for others you can as long as you live. Our time is but small. There is much given to us by God that is useful to us. So we ought to be useful to others so far as we are able. Everybody has different abilities. Do what you can. If not physically able, you are spiritually able to pray, and everyone you know and love needs that.

• Every day think on eternity. All of us here are, before long, to launch forth into the sea of eternity. If you are godly then you shall forever by happy, so let the promises of God in the Lord Jesus transcend the trials and tribulations of this world. If you don’t know the Lord Jesus, today is the day of salvation until the opportunity is no more. 

• Finally, as a Christian redeemed by the love and grace of God, think much on the love of God. By seeing his love, God gives us the rest which he promises. For the love of the Father is the only rest for the soul. This is what Christ came to reveal; God as a Father (John 1:18). Jesus is the only way to the Father, the only way to realize he is love.