Stolen identities of real Americans were being used by many of the illegals rounded up last week in Canton and other cities, unsealed court affidavits obtained by the Journal reveal.

The liberal media and “religious” narrative is a complete lie — but we’re not surprised.

The stolen identities were being used to gain employment and evade detection and that’s breaking the law.

Law enforcement detained 680 people last week after serving administrative and criminal search warrants at seven chicken processing plants in six Mississippi towns, including Canton culmination of a year-long investigation. 

According to court affidavits, ICE had approximately 222 historical encounters and/or arrests with illegal aliens at one of the plants, Peco Foods in Canton, between November 2002 and June 2019. 

The affidavits state that illegal immigrants were purchasing fake identification ranging from $200 up to $1,000 in some cases. The stolen information, in some instances, included social security numbers of deceased people. 

On June 3, one woman told investigators that she was denied unemployment benefits because the government thought she was employed at Pearl River Foods after her identity was stolen, court filings reveal.

“Victimless.” Really?

Other people whose identities had been stolen were denied food stamps and other government benefits because their Social Security numbers showed them working in chicken factories in Mississippi. 

Reports of children being separated from parents is also a deception, U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst said.

“I am so grateful our churches, our nonprofits are stepping up to help these kids whose parents decided to commit violations of federal law,” he said. 

Hurst said he hoped that generosity would extend to help all children whose parents commit crimes, saying there are over 4,800 children in foster care in part because their parents committed crimes. 

Let’s say that again: There are over 4,800 children in foster care in Mississippi in part because some of their parents committed crimes. 

“We’ve got to stand up for all children and all families whose family members are involved in criminal activity,” Hurst said. “I hope this wakes folks up.

Stolen identities of real Americans — many of them poor — were used by some  of those arrested last week, so let this be a lesson on the left’s manipulation of narratives.