Bill Waller announced with a text to a liberal Democrat George Soros-funded blog that he has no intention of endorsing Tate Reeves for governor: “No endorsement,” Waller said in the text message on Tuesday afternoon. “I am staying out of the general election.”

We are disappointed because a majority of Madison countians put their faith in Waller only to have him turn on the GOP in the general election where we are in the fight of our lives.

Conservatism is ideological, not personal. Jeopardizing our future here in Mississippi is the dangerous internal divisiveness among hostile tribes fueled by emotion and an uncharacteristic mutual disdain that seems to be developing.

Rediscovering common ground and finding solutions is always necessary after any hard-fought political primary. There is common ground and we can find solutions to move Mississippi forward for all — and we need Bill Waller’s leadership.

Everyone in Madison County wants Bill Waller on board for this fight of our lives.

We have a confession. This page was fooled by Bill Clinton nearly 30 years ago and we thought “progressive” was a good word. It is not!

This tribalism the left fuels can’t be allowed to destroy the great experiment that is our Republic or our state. 

We are people of elections and robust, free debate. A campaign is a campaign. Things are said and we shake hands.

Humility is a denial of self. Most of us are incapable and helplessly thin-skinned. However, this particular era in time requires much of all.

 There is no option other than to support our GOP gubernatorial nominee Tate Reeves because national Democrats are dumping millions into Mississippi to turn our state blue. 

The liberals and the national media will use a Hood win to ignite their base and take back the White House while they occupy our Governor’s Mansion.

Rediscovering common ground and finding solutions is the right thing for this time, and we need Bill Waller’s help.