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Wednesday, March 14, 2018 6:00 PM
School walkouts around the country are being encouraged and embraced by liberals, public school teachers, administrators and left-wing activists in the wake of the deadly Florida school shooting last month.
  • There’s an old story about the man who posted a classified ad in the newspaper about his missing dog: “LOST: Male dog, has one eye, mangled left ear, paralyzed hind leg, has been neutered. Answers to the name Lucky.”
  • There’s already a trade war, and it’s being waged by Beijing.
  • Robert Bartley, the late editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal, was a free trade zealot who for decades championed a five-word amendment to the Constitution: “There shall be open borders.”
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Exodus 9:1-12
    We look this week at the 5th and 6th plagues against Egypt,  the plague of livestock and the plague of boils. The Lord could have rescued Israel from Egypt another way. He could have destroyed Egypt immediately, and Israel just walked out. The Lord chose the way of plagues to teach us about his nature and other lessons. Each plague is instructive, and collectively they are a solemn, clear statement of God’s sovereignty and man’s sinfulness.
  • DUNCAN/A World of Corruption and God’s Singular Grace
    Turn in your Bible to Genesis 6:1-8. Over the last 5 chapters, we've seen both the effects of sin and the hope of salvation. Now we come to the life of Noah, who was introduced at the very end of chapter 5. For the next four chapters, Moses will focus our attention on Noah, his life, and what the Lord was doing in that time. Today’s passage gives us a summary of the results of sin and of its culmination in the Adamic world. I want to focus your attention on three things in Genesis 6:1-8.
  • From Lincoln to William McKinley to Theodore Roosevelt, and from Warren Harding through Calvin Coolidge, the Republican Party erected the most awesome manufacturing machine the world had ever seen
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Exodus 8: 16-31
    We continue our study through the plagues in Exodus. This week we see the third and fourth plagues. The plagues continued because Pharaoh remained hard of heart. During the plague of frogs (the second plague), Pharaoh promised to let Israel go, but when the frogs died, he hardened his heart and would not do as he promised.
  • DUNCAN/The Godly Line
    Turn in your Bible to Genesis 5:1-32. Here, Moses recounts for us the original creation, and then he tells us about the effects of sin in the human race and records for us the godly line from Seth to Noah. The chapter begins with the phrase, "This is the book of the generations of Adam," reminding you that it is a self-contained unit. There is no way that we can possibly do justice to all the truth that God has recorded in His words here, so we’ll concentrate on three things.
  • EDITORIAL/Terror at the flagpole
    The times, they are a terror. Robert Mueller needs suspects in his pursuit of collaborators with the Russians, so he’s recycling suspects he had already indicted once. Patriots in Seattle, terrified that Stonewall Jackson and Jeb Stuart, if not Marse Robert himself, have been raiding on Puget Sound, and settled on the flag of Norway as an object of contempt when the familiar Confederate battle flag was not available.
  • LOWRY/The left’s Farrakhan problem
    “Time’s up,” the slogan of the Hollywood anti-harassment movement, has a very different meaning for Louis Farrakhan
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