Since being named sole engineer for Canton Municipal Utilities in mid-August, Rudy Warnock’s firm has billed nearly $1.2 million, ranging from emergency sewer repairs to a five-point plan to address future needs.

According to invoices obtained by the Journal, Warnock & Associates has billed CMU $1,148,178.78 since August.

Warnock was out of town with limited cell phone access, according to an automated email reply, and could not be reached for comment.

Prior to mid-August, invoices show in four months Warnock had only billed CMU $30,840.60 for work related to bid proposals for CMU street repairs.

Invoices show Warnock billed CMU nearly $84,000 for “transition” work.

According to his invoice sent to CMU, this refers to “Meeting with CMU Commissioners, city officials, and administrative officials relating to the transition of engineering services to Warnock & Associates LLC. Developing framework of the agreement to assure a smooth transition.”

Invoices also show Warnock has billed CMU $193,672.12 in reference to a five-point utility upgrade plan. This work addresses needs on existing sewer and water system deficiencies, extension of water and sewer within the certified area, and targeting areas for future economic development.

Warnock has also billed CMU over $101,000 for emergency sewer repair work that the board voted to spend $500,000 to address, invoices show.

Over $53,000 was also billed for work on an ongoing sludge removal project at Beatties Bluff Wastewater Treatment Plant.

A Nov. 1, 2016, invoice from Warnock shows that he completed 10 percent of a $1,474,000 CMU water and sewer system survey, modeling, mapping and testing contract.

Mark Johnson, then-CMU general manager, questioned that work and what all it entailed.

In a letter from Warnock & Associates Vice President Jimmy Vickers to Johnson, Vickers explains what the $1.47 million work entailed.

“We are currently outlining mapping efforts, gathering data and inputting that data into our software in an effort to create a 2016 facility plan for CMU’s water and sewer system,” Vickers wrote. “All of this work is being performed in an effort to provide CMU with future needs for those systems.”

To date, Warnock has billed CMU $420,090 for that work.

An invoice dated Dec. 19, 2016, Warnock is asking for a $295,000 payment for work on CMU sewer and water system improvements.

The invoice description says, “Rehabilitate the existing sewer lines, pump stations, lagoon operations and manholes. Upgrade water lines in areas where the lines are not suitable to provide fire protection. Expand sewer and water service to businesses and residents within Canton not served. Construct a new 900 GPM water well. Construct a new elevated water well and all appurtenances and controls.”

The cost of the sewer rehab is listed on the invoice at $20 million, with 10 percent completed to date, for a fee due of $200,000.

The cost of waterline improvements for fire protection is listed as $8 million, with 10 percent completed to date, for a fee due of $80,000.

The cost of water and sewer lines to new areas is listed at $5.5 million with 2 percent completed to date, for a fee of $11,000.

The cost of a new well is listed at $1.5 million with no work completed to date.

The cost of a new elevated tank is listed at $2 million with 2 percent completed to date, for a fee of $4,000.

When contacted for a comment on the amount of money CMU has spent on engineering services in the last four months, CMU Commission Chair Charles Weems said he hasn’t seen the numbers and declined to comment at this point.