Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal talking to the press at a Wednesday evening press conference at the Ridgeland Police Department just before 5 p.m.
Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal talking to the press at a Wednesday evening press conference at the Ridgeland Police Department just before 5 p.m.

The Ridgeland Police Department in conjunction with Jackson Police apprehended a Jackson man earlier this afternoon, shortly after he allegedly robbed an Old Canton liquor store. The man is believed to be connected to other incidents in Ridgeland and surrounding jurisdictions.

Blessed Adams, 23, of Jackson has been arrested and charged with strong armed robbery and simple assault after he pepper sprayed a clerk at a liquor store and made off with money from the register at Old Canton Liquor and Wine.

Police Chief John R. Neal said during a press conference Wednesday evening that Adams was apprehended within thirty minutes of the 911 call being placed. Adams will be booked at the Madison County Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing after investigators conduct their interviews. Neal said his case would go before a Madison County Grand Jury.

“A Madison County grand jury will indict this guy, they don’t tolerate this,” Neal said. “Mr. Adams will have his day in court and he will be convicted.”

Neal said his department received a report of an incident at Old Canton Liquor and Wine that a man had come in and asked for a bottle on the shelf behind the cashier. When the cashier turned around he sprayed her with pepper spray and took all money from the cash register and left in a gray Dodge Avenger.

“Today he decided to do something stupid in Ridgeland and we caught him. We do not tolerate stuff like this in Ridgeland,” Neal said.

Neal said officers responded to the area “immediately.” He said they quickly identified the vehicle at the Shell Station on Ridgewood Road in Jackson and kept it under surveillance. He said they noticed a man, matching a description given at the liquor store, leave the Shell station and get into the vehicle.

Neal said the suspect quickly recognized the officers were onto him and turned into Town and Country Apartments off County Line Road in Jackson where he fled on foot.

Neal said he was tracked and apprehended by a canine unit in the backyard of a nearby house on Mossline Drive.

“These jurisdictions work very well together. Units from Jackson PD and Ridgeland were looking for him and when we get close like this we are not going home until we catch them,” Neal said.

Neal said he was a “serial robber” in the metro area and is being sought for questioning by investigators from Jackson, Florence and Madison.

“We had a meeting here a while back with investigators from several jurisdictions and we compared notes and several other guys had details that match Adams’ MO so he could be charged in other jurisdictions as well,” Neal said.

Neal said they expect to connect him to a knifepoint robbery at Mac’s Gas Station in December. Neal said that all evidence his department has of the crimes committed in Ridgeland point to Adams working alone, though he could not speak for other jurisdictions. Neal said the vehicle he was driving had Florida plates and was not registered to Adams and would be investigated further.

Neal also encouraged business owners to “be vigilant” and do “what they need to do to protect themselves and their businesses.”