MADISON — A 15-year-old male student at Madison Central High School was arrested last week for possession of a firearm on school property, though police and school officials say there were no signs of ill-intent.

Madison County School Superintendent Dr. Ronnie McGehee said this was the first incident in 20 years with a student bringing a gun onto campus.

“We had one student make a poor decision and several students make a good decision,” he said, noting that fellow students notified school resource officers of the weapon.

The gun was a .22 caliber Colt 1911 semi-automatic pistol and it was located in the teen’s backpack.

McGehee said there were no threats or perceived intentions for violence.

“He made no effort to act like he was mad at anybody,” the superintendent said.

Madison police responded to the school and the teen was arrested and transported to the Yazoo County Detention Center.

Capt. Kevin Newman said the case was transferred over to Madison County Youth Court where it will be handled there.

McGehee couldn’t say what will happen to the teen, only that they will follow disciplinary guidelines.