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Dr. William Truly
Dr. William Truly
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 6:00 PM
CANTON — Unofficial results from Tuesday’s run-off election here have former Mayor Dr. William Truly defeating incumbent Arnel Bolden by over 200 votes to win the Democrat primary.

Truly won 1,331 votes to Bolden’s 1,080 votes, garnering approximately 55 percent of the vote. Truly earned 140 more votes than Bolden during the May 2 primary.
  • Have you Heard about Everett?
    FLOWOOD – Shortly         after the medal ceremo  ny following the girl’s one-mile run, MRA 7th-grader Everett Heard exchanged laughs with her two closest competitors as the three made their way off the medal stand. She smiled broadly, and even worked in a little celebratory shimmy.

    Just being your typical bubbly, energetic, care-free 13-yeard old. While Heard is all that, she’s also atypical in that she excels on the track.
  • The question was asked this past weekend: Is this the best college baseball season in Mississippi history?

    It was a good weekend to ask it: Ole Miss swept Auburn. Mississippi State took two of three at LSU. Southern Miss took two of three one-run games from Rice. All three Mississippi teams are nationally ranked. All three have Top 20 RPIs. All three are in the conversation about who will host regionals.
  • MADISON – Must be easy being a track coach, huh? Tell your athletes to run fast, turn left, and repeat as necessary. Simple enough, right?

    Hmmm, wrong.

    There’s a certain counter-clockwise art to it. It’s part knowledge, part science. Track and field meets are divided into running events, throwing events and jumping events. During a meet, athletes will likely compete in several events in the same category. For example, a sprinter may run in the 100-meter, and 200-meter and also be a part of the 400 meter relay.
  • Two local pageant title holders will work doggedly April 16 to help raise funds and fun for Webster Animal Shelter in Madison during their "Crowns and Hounds" event from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The shelter is located at 525 Post Oak Road in Madison.
  • In a battle of champions, it was the Patriots from Marshall Academy, and not MRA, that scrapped their way to a 44-43 win and claimed private-school basketball's most prestigious title.
  • RIDGELAND - It looked to all the world Friday night like Madison Central's Lady Jaguars were about to coast to a state championship.
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