MADISON — Warnings of thieves posing as Nissan employees are false, police here said on Tuesday, but the authorities did confirm union workers were canvassing a particular house in an effort to organize at the Canton plant.

Police, two weeks ago, responded to an incident in Aspen Ridge after a rental car with three occupants had gone to the same home three days in a row looking for a particular resident, said Madison Police Investigator Justin Winters.

Winters said the woman told police the individuals said they were with Nissan and were trying to recruit her.

“What happened was she wasn’t home the first two days,” Winters explained. “Her neighbor warned her these people keep coming to your house.”

The neighbor was able to take a photo of the car’s license plate, which police ran and ultimately realized it was a rental car that had been rented by the United Auto Workers Union.

Winters said he reached out to Nissan and the UAW and the union confirmed it had individuals in town trying to organize a union effort.

Multiple attempts to unionize the Canton plant in prior years have failed.

Winters said he wasn’t sure how the UAW had information on people, but in the end, the woman had never worked at Nissan and they must have had incorrect information.

Once the resident told the UAW recruiters they were misinformed, she was taken off the list and hasn’t been bothered since, Winters said.

“We’ve made no arrests,” the investigator added. “There hasn’t been a crime committed.”

He said their main concerns were that it was an identify theft case.

Social media postings warned of thieves, one of which had been arrested, which Winters said was just untrue. No other reports have been filed with Madison from other residents.

Winters did say that residents don’t have to give out personal information to anybody and said they can ask people to leave.

“If they see something and they’re not comfortable with it, don’t give out any information,” he said. “Call us and let us know and we’ll come out and verify it.”

Nissan issued a statement regarding the incident, saying, “Nissan leverages our supplier partners, Kelly and Minact, to recruit employees online, through local media and at local colleges and universities. We do not deploy recruiters in local neighborhoods and encourage anyone who has been approached to report it to the local authorities.”