Tons of construction debris litter the property on McDonald Road in Madison County.
Tons of construction debris litter the property on McDonald Road in Madison County.
Supervisors approved the cleanup of a dumpsite off North Livingston Road Tuesday night after property owners said they had no intention of removing all the rubbish from the site.

Hannah Banks of 112 McDonald Road said they had made an effort to clean up trash on the property and asked for an extension to April 1.

Her brother, Ricky Banks, later said they would remove everything but stones and rocks he brought in to battle flooding and sewage problems on the property.

Construction debris, metal pieces and trash litter the site.

Planning & Zoning Director Scott Weeks said he visited the site on Tuesday morning and there had been no effort to clean the property.

Hannah Banks blamed the rain for hindering any progress.

“We have been trying to clean it up,” she said.

Ricky Banks said they have been sorting through everything that was dumped and picking out the trash, but District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen wanted everything removed.

“Put it back the way it was before you ever started dumping,” Steen said. “Before there was a first load of garbage that was dumped.”

Johnny McDonald, of 102 Inwood Place, said he wanted the property cleaned up.

“When it first started, I talked to (Ricky) Banks and he stated he would only be using rocks,” McDonald said. “After a week later it was a rubbish pile. This is an illegal dump site.”

McDonald said it is a health hazard and public safety hazard.

Hannah Banks again asked to have until April 1 to clean it up before Steen asked what their definition of clean was.

“The blocks is there to stay,” Ricky Banks said.

Steen then made a motion to have the process begin for the county to clean up all the trash and rocks on-site. It was approved unanimously.