New vehicles, uniforms, office furniture and equipment are just some of the requests being made by Madison County elected officials and department heads in proposed expenditures totalling $79.2 million for fiscal 2018.

This fiscal year began with $80.1 million in expenditures, ballooned to $85 million and officials have dipped into reserves.

 The requests this year do not include $10.6 million worth of bond notes — $8 million from this year and $2.6 million remaining from a 2014 bond issue.

Supervisors have held a series of budget hearings this month and concluded on Tuesday.

Not included in the request totals either are pay raises for county employees — numbers officials asked to be presented for possible inclusion in next year’s budget.

County Administrator Shelton Vance told supervisors on Tuesday the cost of a one-percent pay raise including benefits for employees serving more than a year is approximately $137,500. A three-percent pay raise would be approximately $412,500.

Carl Allen, planning and zoning administrator, is seeking separate merit raises for employees, including an additional $15,000 a year for his own salary.

Allen has been on the job less than one year, taking over Nov. 1, 2016. His current salary is $65,000.

Sheriff Randy Tucker also asked for an increase for detention center guards and deputies.

The largest requested budget increase this year comes from the Road Department at nearly $900,000.

County Engineer/Road Manager Dan Gaillet is asking for $900,000 more for asphalt this year, up to $2 million budgeted the year before. His total budget request is $7,010,870.24 as opposed to last year’s budget of $6,125,019.65.

In addition to more asphalt, Gaillet is asking for more equipment and vehicles.

Gaillet also asked supervisors for pay raises for 28 employees, though that was not included in his budget request. He also asked supervisors to begin looking for a 10-acre tract of land so the county could build a new Road Department headquarters to combat flooding issues at the current location.

Tax Assessor Norman Cannady is asking for over $100,000 more, included in this a new vehicle.

The county IT department is seeking an additional $100,000, too. Some of that will go towards upgrading county computer software to versions that will be supported by Microsoft in the future.

Election Commissioners are asking for an increase in some line items to account for new paper ballots, while decreasing their overall budget nearly $75,000 for the next year.

Supervisors will spend the next month fine-tuning the budget and deciding which requests to fund before submitting a budget to vote on in September.