RIDGELAND — The Dollar General here on Highway 51 was missing one small detail until alderman approved a parapet raise last Tuesday evening.

The new store is scheduled to open this Saturday at 8 a.m.

City officials unanimously voted last week to approve drawings that would hide exposed HVAC and allowed crews to work on the project through the night to avoid injuries.

“I understand there was a small oversight and that they are here to correct it,” Mayor Gene McGee said when he introduced the issue at the board work session.

Community Development Director Alan Hart said that Dollar General developers had come up with two solutions. The approved solution was to raise the parapet surrounding the roof of the building by 50 inches each.

A representative for the development apologized for the oversight but did offer the positive observation that some “20 cars had rolled in asking” if they were open. Hart said his office had received similar inquiries about the business.

They also asked for permission to work at night to avoid putting any foot traffic in danger.

Ward 3 Alderman commented that he liked the idea of working at night in the name of “safety.”

Ward 4 Alderman Brian Ramsey, who was one of two alderman absent from the work session with Ward 6 Alderman Wesley Hamlin, asked before voting if this design was a “trend that would stand” noting the proportions looked “thrown off” to him.

Hart said that the developer came “hat in had” and that the design was consistent with other stores.

“I think this will be a better looking building in the end,” Hart said.

Hart said Monday that work started shortly after it was approved last week and noted that his office had not heard any complaints.