Ridgeland residents battled the rain Tuesday night to catch a glimpse of the city’s newest fire truck.
Ridgeland residents battled the rain Tuesday night to catch a glimpse of the city’s newest fire truck.
RIDGELAND- Despite heavy rain, a handful Ridgeland residents gathered under the awning at City Hall Tuesday evening to view a new fire truck acquired by the city.

Ridgeland Fire Chief Matt Bailey said the custom-built $420,000 machine would be put into service at Station 3 on Rice Road.

A fireman was on hand, dutifully standing in the rain quickly giving a few children in attendance the opportunity to climb on the part between the cab and back portion of the truck.

Built to the Ridgeland Fire Department’s specifications, the new truck features a custom chassis with a 350-horsepower engine and a 1,500 gallon-per-minute pump. It has an onboard water supply of 500 gallons.

 “This pumper truck is replacing a truck that is being retired from service. It will be a good asset for Station 3, serving the east district of the city,” Bailey said.

The truck includes several special features including a foam pumping system and the ability to draft water from the Reservoir.

 “This truck is unique among the city’s pumper trucks,” said Bailey. “It is a combination pumper that uses foam suppression in addition to water suppression.”

A release from the city says that the compressed air foam system will suppress a fire faster and more efficiently than water alone. The city points to studies conducted by the U.S. Fire Administration.

The truck was manufactured by Emergency Equipment Professionals and has undergone pump testing by the Mississippi State Rating Bureau.

RFD has installed nearly $38,000 in additional equipment to the truck.

This will replace a truck that will rotate into the department’s reserves.

“Basically each truck has about a 20-year lifespan and we have four stations so every five years we have one that rotates out and usually one that can be declared surplus from our reserves,” Bailey said.

This year, a 1990 model Pierce Fire Truck from the reserve fleet is being donated to the Puckett Volunteer Fire Department. The unit was declared surplus on the consent agenda at the first board meeting in August.

“We are a small volunteer fire department and this truck could be used to fill a great need we have for a fire engine,” Deputy Chief Jeff Bain said in a memo form the Puckett VFD to the city of Ridgeland.